Friday May 7, 2021
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Area 5 News and Events

AREA 5 DATES as of Jan 22nd   2020.

Note –  Branch Operation Training at Stoneleigh for Committee Members.

Jan 24th, Feb 10th and March 20th. Contact Meg initially.
Blue = Winter series Dressage.


* = clash
Jan 31st. Lunge Training. Acton Bridge. and Feb 7th, Feb 10th. 6-8pm.

Feb1st.   Winter Series Dressage Qual. East Ch.

NEW Feb 1st. First Aid Course. FnD. £50

            Feb 2nd. WLSJ.  WWW/WyLlyn

            Feb 6th. Lunge Training. Bryn Derw.  Apply Meg.

Feb 8th  Winter Series Dressage Qual. BCFH.

Feb17th Lunge Test.

Feb 20th. Coaching Conference. Hartbury.

Feb 22nd.  WLSJ. Aberconwy.Maelor.

           * Feb 23rd.  Arena Eventing. Kelsall. E.Ch.

            *Feb 23rd. Triathlon, Wrekin.

            MARCH 3rd.DC’s MEETING. 7pm

March 7th.  AREA Quiz. CHN. Antrobus Village Hall..

*March 8th. Winter Series Dressage Final. BCFH

            *March 8th. Triathlon Qualifier. Mold.

March 14th. WL SJ Final. CHN. Bold Heath.

           March 21st.  William Blane.  XC CPD.

March 22nd. Winter Triathlon Final. Stoke Mandeville. Mothers Day !

April 4/5th. Addington. Winter series Dressage/SJ Final.

April 5th. Quiz Final ARENA UK.

*April 19th    AREA 5  H and P Care. Aberconwy.

* April 19th. Triathlon. Wrekin.

May 10th. AREA MG. East Cheshire. Cheshire Show Ground. Knutsford. WA 16 0HJ

May 30/31. Tetrathlon Junior Regionals.

June 21st. AREA 5 Show Jumping. Southview. Ch H S.

June 27/28. AREA 5 Tetrathlon. Mostyn.

July 4th.      AREA 5 Horse Trials. Somerford. East Ch.

July 12th.    AREA 5 Dressage. FnD. Llandyrnog.

July 14 -17.  Area 5 Senior Camp. Somerford.

Aug 1/2.     Senior Tet Regionals.Pontispool.

Aug 7/8/9. Tetrathlon National Champs.

Oct  25th. Area 5  Triathlon. Mold.

Click link below to go to Area 5 web page where you will see details of all Area 5 competitions and training.