Friday May 7, 2021
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Twemlows Visit

Wynnstay Teens BBQ

A group of 12 of us from the Wynnstay Pony Club and from the Cheshire Hunt South Pony Club visited Twemlows Stud Farm and Stallion AI Services on Wednesday 27th July.  When we arrived at Twemlows we were taken to a lecture room where Edward Matson very kindly gave us a talk and showed us a slideshow on the background of Twemlows Stud Farm and Stallion AI Services explaining what sort of horses they breed and what disciplines they breed them for.  He also told us about artificial insemination (AI) and embryo transfer (ET) which was fascinating as we knew very little about these methods.

Then one of his colleagues showed us around the facilities at Stallion AI Services, which Tullis Matson runs. On our tour of the stallion barns we saw a stallion called Ramiro B who was very impressive.  Tullis then took us to an indoor barn where we saw a stallion collection.

Edward then kindly showed us round the mare barns so we could see the foals from the recipient mares (ET), we were also lucky enough to see a scan of a recipient mare who was in foal so we saw the embryo.

After our very informative and interesting visit we went to Helen Jones’ house for a swim in their pool and a BBQ lunch, it was a very nice end to a very enjoyable day. Thank you Edward and Tullis Matson for an amazing visit to Twemlows Stud Farm and Stallion AI Services and thank you to Helen Jones for her wonderful hospitality and letting us use her pool.

By Lara Ockleston and Sophie Ward

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A fantastic win for Sir WWW Relay team at the Cheshire Show on Tuesday. It is the first time Sir WWW has ever won this competition.

 Leonora Hulme   –        Sultan

Georgia Berry      –        Valentine

Alice Bourne       –        Venus

Molly Potts         –        Pandora

 The team were brilliant in every race, getting faster in each round. They all followed the game plan to the letter, super safe hand overs and great accurate riding.

 The team were also 4th in the Tack and turnout competition.

Great team spirit and cheerfulness in abundance. The girls were so polite and well mannered, as usual they were a credit to Sir WWW.

 Well Done….


Ella Olympia 

Our brief account of the day:
It was an amazing day from start to finish!  We had an early start, down at the stable for 8am, Stanny, our long standing groom for over 10 years, had driven Hot Chilli Pepper to Olympia the night before and fed him early on the day. We were able to exercise in the main arena at 9am. We thought this was a good chance to let Ella and Pepper get used to the ring.
So Ella got prepared and had a lovely ride amongst the likes of John Whitaker, William Whitaker and Constant Van Passion.
Then Mum had to get to work, plaiting in all the tinsel, while Ella had some meetings with James Loffet ( the Pony club show jumping president) and the other riders in the class.
At 12pm we all got to walk the course, which was built by Bob Ellis (London Olympics course designer) . We even met Bob while we walked the course and Bob and the steward gave Ella and the other children a talk after the course walk about the rules and how the class was going to run.
This was all straight forward, so less stress for everyone!
Then prior to the class, all the children got to meet their partners, Ella was thrilled to meet her partner, Marlon Zanotelli, who was competing for Brazil at last year’s World championships. Ella walked the course with Marlon and he gave her a number of tips!
The class was soon underway, the cheers from the crown were amazing for all the riders, Ella and Marlon were 6th to go, Marlon had a lovely clear and Ella was also clear and quick, they went into 3rd place, then with two pairs remaining, they were beaten by the next pair in, then luckily we stayed in 4th, which we were over the moon about.
Of the eight children, two were from Ireland, travelling over on the ferry the night before!.
The prize giving was very exciting, all the children and partners going in for the lovely rosettes, afterwards Ella was on such a high and it has given her so much confidence.
All I can say is, what a wonderful opportunity and a great, friendly competition.Ella Olympia

Harry Martin along with his siblings Henrietta, Edward and Sophie,  were all very successful members of our branch and the Martin family also kindly allowed us to have Junior Camp at their home, Lyneal. Sadly his mother , Alex ,lost a very brave battle against leukemia last year so Harry and a friend Alex Bland decided to row the Atlantic to raise money for Cure Leukemia and The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation which Alex Blands’  brother has.
They have raised in excess of a phenomenal  £1,4100,00  but have not reached their target (£1,5000.00) so would be grateful for any donations. Please read their blog , it is a sobering and exciting read. which will also link you to the just giving website.
They reached Port St Charles last Sunday and Harry immediately proposed to his girlfriend who said Yes!
The whole journey from inception to completion is a real credit to the boys, how proud Alex would have been.

On Monday 2 September  a little games pony called Spring owned by Pam Milburn celebrated her 30th year in style with a party.
Spring has competed at the Championships every year ,been in the winning team 5 times and this year was fourth.
She has been ridden by lots of different jockeys -firstly Louisa Milburn followed by Zara Churton ,Rafe Hallett,Victoria Dakin,Georgie Minshaw and presently Heath Rosselli
She was given a special cake was made by Heath and Eliza Rosselli and Georgie Minshaw who may be persuaded to divulge their recipe …which contained treats such as apple, mollasses,electrolytes,red cell -all the things she s normally never allowed!

Picnic ride report and photos.

Alice and Richard Tyacke mapped out a picnic ride that provided an enormous amount of fun for the younger members. It certainly tested the fitness of some of the mothers, I was very glad that I had an excuse to go home after the ‘meet’! They crossed the Wyche Brook and had fun going up and down the steep banks. A picnic on the way round provided a bit of a rest for riders, ponies and not least the mothers!  A big thank you for organising it, hopefully it will be an annual event for the under 10’s.