Friday May 7, 2021
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 Any one interested in  participating in future tetrathlon competitions  please contact Emily Gilruth 

Thinking of having a go at Tetrathlon?

Contact Emily Gilruth for further information.
Tetrathlon is fun – there is always a good atmosphere at competitions producing good team spirit. Competitors will nearly always find that there is one discipline they either don’t enjoy or find a bit difficult, so come on, look out for dates, give it a go and give me a ring!!
Here is some basic information that may help – for further details follow the links on the main pony club website – Disciplines-Tetrathlon
Classes are:
Minimus 9th birthday to 11
Junior 12 to 14
Senior 15 to 20
All ages as at 1st January
Distances etc
Minimus – shoot two handed at 7 meters, swim 2 minutes, run 1000m, ride2ft 6in cross country
Junior –shoot one handed at 7 meters, swim 3 minutes, run 1500m, ride3ft cross country
Senior – shoot one handed at 10 meters, swim 3 minutes (girls) 4 minutes(boys), run 1500m (girls) 3000m (boys), ride 3ft 6in cross country
Shooting is with an air pistol ten shots at a target that turns towards you for 4 seconds
Swimming is as far as you can go in the time allowed,
Running is one at a time against the clock over a cross country type track.
Riding is a cross country course –approx 20 obstacles which include a gate to be opened and closed mounted and a slip rail to be negotiated dismounted.

Full Tetrathlons are held during the summer months.
Triathlons (i.e. without the riding) are held during the winter