Monday May 17, 2021
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Dress Code & Merchandise




We use Wainwright Screenprint and Embroidery for our South Dorset Merchandise so please contact them  for a full kit list with prices and sizes. You can order fleeces, jackets, body-warmers, track-suit trousers, caps and more, including a saddle pad for your pony.






  • Hats must be tagged with a turquoise tag by DC or Secretary to show it meets the Pony Club 2019 hat standard rules, if you hat is not tagged please ask one of the DCs to tag it. Hat Rule 2020
  • Hat covers should be black brown or navy.
  • For cross-country training and competing (including eventing, tetrathlon and horse trials) over fences 0.80m high and above a jockey skull cap, with no fixed peak, must be worn.


  • White shirt and Pony Club tie or navy polo shirt with plain jodhpurs (white, beige, navy, black or brown).
  • Navy blue Pony Club sweatshirt (no hoodies) or tweed jacket. In wet weather plain navy waterproof coats or pony club jackets.
  • Jodhpur boots with clips/chaps or riding boots (no tassels please).
  • For cross country long sleeved shirts must be worn under body protectors.
  • Hairnets should be worn if your hair is long enough to reach your collar.
  • NO jewellery (including “sleepers”) except a wristwatch and a stock pin or a tie clip.

Body Protectors:

Body protectors are now compulsory for all cross country training and competing (including eventing, tetrathlon and horse trials) and must meet the Pony Club 2019 back protector rules: Body Protector Rule 2020 


  • White shirt and Pony Club tie or navy polo shirt with plain trousers or jeans.
  • Pony Club sweatshirt
  • In wet weather plain blue waterproof coats or Pony Club waterproof.
  • Appropriate footwear – you may well be in a stable with a pony/horse so no open-toed sandals or flip flops. Wellies if wet


  • Ponies and horses should be clean and well turned out for rallies.
  • Tack should be in good repair and well fitted. Girths dark coloured or white.
  • Numnahs should be plain, dark colour or white.
  • Protective boots and bandages to be dark coloured or white.