Saturday September 19, 2020
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Click here to download the Rally Booking form in pdf format (form amended November 2018).

To book a rally please download and complete the Rally Booking Form, filling in all the information and SEND this to the appropriate organiser, together with CHEQUE, CASH or a COPY of your online payment if you pay by this method. The organisers’ addresses can be found under Contacts below.

Click here to download the Rally Organiser’s form in Word format and here for pdf.

Amended  January 2019 – Events added/amended.

Please note our public (open to all) and inter-branch events are shown in red and are all recommended to our Branch members.


All  rallies are OPEN TO ALL MEMBERS of all ages unless otherwise stated.





Organiser and Fee

January 2019 * please look at disciples pages for dates until new website is set up





*  By a rally indicates attendance counts towards the quota of three needed to compete at Area level and above and inter-branch teams. Also to attend any of the camps next year it will be a requirement that each member has been to at least three starred rallies during the period from January to July.




  1. If you don’t know where any of these locations are go to the Location Finder.
  2. If you are visiting Crockstead for the first time please read the additional guidance on there website so you are aware of the hazardous exit onto the A22.

Pony Club Efficiency Tests

Members are encouraged to take tests as these are widely recognised and are very useful for anyone interested in an equine related career. They are well described on the main Pony Club website. They are, of course, optional!

Test Co-ordinators

Test Provisional Dates Coordinator Recommended Age Recommended Activities to cover the syllabus
E May and October Half Terms Melanie Cammies 6yrs Attendance at PC Rallies
D May and October Half Terms Melanie Cammies 8yrs Minimum 2hrs Stable Management
D+ May and October Half Term Melanie Cammies 10yrs Minimum 4hrs Stable Management
C May and October Half Term Susie Newton 12yrs Minimum 6hrs Stable Management as well as Riding
C+ May and October Half Term Susie Newton 14yrs Minimum 10 SM sessions (1½ hrs each).Riding same, but depends on ability (covers syllabus)Ideally 2 yrs training from C test. Instructor will advise when ready.
B Organised by Area coordinator.Normally Easter andend summer holidays Hazel Perry 16yrs Minimum 12 sessions (SM and Riding)to cover syllabus (1½ hrs each),but 2yrs training from C+ is ideal.

Please note that C+ and B tests are relatively speaking a much ‘bigger deal’ and the branch will endeavour to work with candidates to construct an accessible programme of training. This is much more like preparing for a school / college public examination (GCSE exam etc) .


List of organisers

Helen Burgess-Dinleyici 07989 650634
Melanie Cammies 07831 184821
Nicky Collins 07710 086126
Candy Robbins 01444 415232
Angela Whitehead 07771 847632
Rebekah Walker 07725337793
Susie Newton 07989982886
Tracy Collins 07789898263
Bryony Payne 07540336845


Finally please remember that booking a rally is a commitment against which the Pony Club will book an instructor/venue and incur the associated cost. I hope you will understand that the fee is not refundable or waived unless the rider or pony is truly lame and can produce an appropriate certificate. Deciding it’s wet and the sales at Bluewater are more attractive isn’t a valid excuse!