Saturday September 19, 2020
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Safety Info

This page contains information which is primarily of interest to organisers of branch events including Rallies, Practices, Competitions and Camps.

As an introduction to the safety and first aid requirements for holding Pony Club activities the branch officers have put together a guidance pack, which is available to download here: SDEPC_First_Aid_and_Risk_Assessment_Guidance_2009_v1.01

A Rally/Practice First Aid Form/Check List should be completed for every activity organised by the branch.  It may be downloaded here: Rally_Practice_First_Aid_Check_List.

Venue Risk Assessments – no Pony Club organised activity can take place at a venue unless it has been risk assessed.  The 2009 risk assessments have been compiled into a single reference document which may be downloaded here (note: 97 pages): SDEPC_Venue_Risk_Assessments_2009_v1.10.

If you plan to hold an event at a venue that has not been risk assessed please stop and choose a venue that has been risk assessed instead! Then please request that the venue is risk assessed for 2010.

Additional Venue Risk Assessments