Saturday September 19, 2020
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Our branch

The Southdown Hunt Branch, which was formed in 1931, divided into East and
West in 1976 when its membership stood at more than 400.  Today the Southdown East Branch is the biggest in Area 11, with 77% of the 230 members being
under 15 years of age.

Happy campers and their mounts

While the Branch does its best to provide a balanced programme of activities
to suit all age and ability groups, it is inevitable that considerable emphasis
is laid on helping beginners and novice riders.  We have about 90 rallies a year
and raise a number of teams at mini and novice level in dressage, eventing and
show jumping.  At present, there is a strong interest in mounted games (both our
Senior and Junior teams qualified for Sansaw in 2006), and we are trying to
encourage polo, polocrosse, pony racing and tetrathlon.

Our boundaries stretch from the coast northwards to Ardingly and across to
Cross-in-Hand, down to Seaford and along the coast to Portslade and Southwick.
The A23 roughly forms our western boundary, just as the A22 is approximately our
eastern edge.  No boundary, however, is rigid and many of the venues we use are
also used by neighbouring Branches.  We have excellent relations with these
Branches, however, and often organise joint activities and test days.  This map will give you an idea of the extent of our area and shows the location of
venues where our rallies and other activities take place.

If you want to know how to get in touch with us, click on Contacts above for full details of Branch officials, Chief Instructor, rally
organisers etc.    Use Activities to see what our current
programme provides in the way of rallies, outings and other activities.
Latest Bulletin will bring you up to date on achievements within
the Branch, such as test passes and competition successes, and contains
announcements concerning Camp, etc.

If you would still like to know more, feel free to telephone any of the
Branch officials (see Contacts).  You can download a
membership application form from the Pony Club website, or we are happy to send
you one.  Completed forms should be sent to our Membership Secretary/Treasurer,
Mr Mike Nichols.

Internationally The Pony Club has a membership of over 110,000 across 18
countries, making it the largest association of riders in the world. Most
British equestrian medal winners at The Olympics and World Championships have
been Members of The Pony Club.