Saturday December 15, 2018
Mounted Games

Welcome to our Mounted Games section!!

Pony Club Mounted Games are a selection of games played by teams of 4 or 5 members and ponies. The ponies have to be under 148cm. To ride a 128cm pony you have to be under 54kgs, under 60 kgs for a 132cm pony, under 66 kgs for a 138cms pony, and no stated upper weight for  a 148cms pony.
The age groups for teams are Juniors 10 and under on 1st Jan Seniors 14 and under on 1st Jan
This year there is a new pairs competition for 2 members aged at least 11 and under 19 on 1st Jan 
At friendlies and at Area there are often Lead rein and Assisted Junior sections to encourage those just starting off.
The Area competitions are held in April with qualifying competitions for Juniors Seniors and Pairs. The winners progress to Zone competitions where the winners qualify for the Pony Club Championships.
The Mounted Games Rulebook and the main Pony Club website have details of which games are to be played in each category in each particular year.
This year there is a Mounted Games Study day on Monday 12th February at The Unicorn Centre, Stow on the Wold, where members from the neighbouring Cotswold Vale PC will demonstrate this years games, and the rules can be explained. All members and parents are welcome to  attend.
Each year members are encouraged to make up teams so they can take part  and practices are arranged. However a lot of practice is is required and the teams do need to work together so they can practice as a team.