Tuesday January 18, 2022
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Hi Everyone,
The first of our three combined training rallies will take place at West Park Arena, Tow Law, on Monday 3rd January ‘22.
For these rallies you can only book a place through the Horse-Events website.
Click on the link below and this will take you to the website page.
Please remember you must register on the site before you can make your entry if you haven’t already got a login.
Any problems please let me know.
Kind Regards
Branch secretary







Hi everyone, thank you for submitting your names for possible team selection for the 2021 Area Teams.  If you haven’t put your name on the list already and would still like to be considered, then please contact the team coordinators as below.

Those of you who have your names on the list already will be contacted in the next couple of days asking which of the sessions you are able attend.

Please remember that you and your horse need to be up to date with vaccinations and an active member of the pony club, ideally having attended your 3 rallies.

You must be available to attend the Pony Club championships if you are lucky enough to be invited onto a team, and your team qualifies at areas for the championships.

Dressage, Showjumping & Eventing
Trainer – Donna Lillie
Co-ordinator – Kellie Davidson (07525627744)

Novice, Intermediate, Open
Showjumping & Eventing
Trainer – Ashley Suddes
Co-Ordinator – Sara Stewart (07810188968)

Novice, Intermediate, Open
Dressage (and eventing section of dressage for novice, intermediate, open)
Trainer – Barbie Clarkson
Co-Ordinator – Liz Dent (07759408509)

Price of sessions will be the usual £25 for the trainer, split between the group and the venue costs as below.

Parkend SJ on grass £12pp
Parkend XC £15pp
High Plains XC tbc
Little Whitt SJ £5 pp
Little Whitt Dressage no charge
Barbies Arena for Dressage £5 pp

Once we have confirmed numbers for a venue and date the cost per member will be confirmed in advance.

Grassroots Dates Available:-
30/4 SJ little Whitt
5/5 SJ & dressage little Whitt
10/5 SJ & dressage little Whitt
21/5 SJ & dressage little Whitt
7/6 SJ on grass parkend
21/6 XC high plains
28/6 SJ on grass parkend
17/7 XC parkend
Training will start approx 5.30pm and continue with hourly groups after that.

SJ & Eventing for Novice, Intermediate & Open dates available:-
28/4 SJ & little Whitt
14/5 SJ little Whitt
28/5 SJ little Whitt
9/6 XC venue tbc
30/6 SJ on grass parkend
14/7 XC Parkend

Hourly groups from 5pm onwards.

Dressage for novice, intermediate & open teams and (dressage element of eventing teams for novice, intermediate & open)
6/5 onwards weekly Thursday sessions available. Hourly groups from 5pm onwards.

Any queries please get in touch with Kellie Davidson on kelliedava@aol.com/07525627744


Kind regards

Kellie Davidson
Chief Instructor