Thursday September 16, 2021
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Lisa Quinn



Helen Ridley

Hi All, A winter games training series starts this Sunday at High Plains Equestrian Centre on their all weather arena. Each session will cost £5 per rider and groups will be restricted due to current measures. I’ve attached the Pony Club HQ guidance, along with the national pony club games risk assessment and our local branch one too. Could all parents wishing to bring their children to games please read the documents?

Notable guidelines include:

1) Rider must be able to ride independently as I will not be able to help them.

2) Only one parent/carer to attend with rider not siblings if possible. If you do have to bring siblings then please ensure they remain in your vehicle at all times.

3) Parents must not ‘gather’. To aid the adherence to this I ask that all parents remain by their own vehicle at all times and do do ‘gather’ at any stage.

4) Parents and rider will be responsible for ensuring tack is fitted correctly, I will only be able to do a visual check.

The sessions will all be ran on Sundays 4pm onwards.

Please book your place with Helen Ridley by emailing Helen at

11th October

18th October

1st November

22nd November

6th December

13th December

Look forward to seeing you all.

Thank you


Covid Risk Ass (Games) October 2020 rts-mounted-games-risk-assessment-v1-0

Covid Risk Ass (Games) October 2020