Monday November 18, 2019

Mounted Games Co Ordinator

Lisa Quinn



Well the South Northumberland Games crew did us proud at the Pony Club Mounted Games Zones Final in Scotland.


Seniors were up first, the As came 8th and Qualified for the Pony Club Championships and the Bs came 12th. I’d like to make a special mention to Milles Dacosta Evans who rode at Zones in her first games competition after only 3 intense training sessions. Millie you were fab and an asset to the team well done!


Juniors were next and started with a fabulous win in the tack and turnout. Our team was not only the cleanest but the politest team at the Zone final which we all need to be very proud of.

Juniors came 4th and also qualified for Pony Club Championships.


Pairs round off the day in what can only be described as the most fast and furious competition I’ve seen in a while. The competition was dominated by exceptionally good Scottish teams with all Area 2 teams clustered together in the final placing. Our pair rode very well and came 10th.


The members that will represent our club in PC Games at the Pony Club Championships this August are:

Seniors: Ella Pigg, Jemima Stewart, Sally Dent, Tessa Stephenson, Ava Marsden and Connie Henderson.

Juniors: Nancy Pigg, Sarah Willey, Megan Fort, Charlie Bailey and Bea Stephenson.


Well done all from a very proud Lisa Quinn.x



It was another fab weekend for South Northumberland at Sinnington PC Games Friendly. The Seniors played in 3 heats leading to a final where the A’s were in the high road final and the B’s in the low road final. The Juniors took part in 2 heats on Saturday and their final on Sunday morning.

The competition was tough over the 2 days competing against teams from Area 2 and 3 performing Area and Zone games. Seniors As were 4th, Senior Bs 5th & Juniors 7th.

Next weekend South Northumberland hosts it’s own competition. If anyone would like to help us set up we will be at the Mart fields which are just past Egger at Hexham. Please bring a wheelbarrow and a shovel. Set up starts at 3pm, Friday 12th April.

I would like to thank all the parents and their companies or places of employment that have supported the South Northumberland Games friendly. This has enabled us to run the event at very little cost. I hope I don’t miss anyone out of the list of fabulous sponsors!

Robert Addison & Hexham Mart: Use of the venue

Ian Marsden & NIS Group: Medical Cover & Lawnmower

Kate Marsden: Public Address System

Chris Hughes & Hadrian Group: Toilets

Sara Stewart & Hexham Scaffolding: Games Equipment

Stef Willey & Mole Valley: Rope & Electric fencing

Michael Davidson & Jewsons: 1 ton of sand

Jackie Chapman & Jackie Chapman Spinal Therapy: Arena marking equipment

Suzie Pigg: Commentary Box/Caravan

Andrew Henderson: Tractor and water bowser.

Cara & Phil Stephenson: Equipment storage & organisation

And of course all the Games parents who spend hours making these competitions happen, whether that be line judging, equipment stewards or other vital roles.

If you are able to come and watch the competition it will start both days (Saturday & Sunday) at 10am.

Thank you





On Saturday 30th March we took 18 members across 4 teams to Hurwoth PC Mounted Games friendly. First to compete was the Seniors, this was a very strong, fast and furious competition with 12 teams across Area 2 & 3. Both South Northumberland teams improved on their first outing with the A team landing a fantastic 3rd place and the Bs holding their own for 8th.

Then came the Junior and Novice heats. The Novice team competed against 7 other teams. I was super proud of them all competing most games with no assistance at all. The Novice team came 3rd. Then it was the Juniors turn, this was a very tough competition with 11 teams competing in all. South Northumberland team of four were on a mission after being piped for first place at Morpeth by 1 point, but Rockwood, Cleveland and North Northumberland all had their eyes on the prize too. Nancy Pigg, Megan Fort, Charlie Bailey and Sarah Willey all held their nerve for a fabulous first place.

Well done to all teams.

Next weekend we are competing at Sinnington Games weekend, our first camping expedition of 2019!

Lisa Quinn



It was a great first mounted games event for South Northumberland last weekend. The weather was as it always is at Tranwell… cold… very cold, windy and wet, but the SNPC members shone through and did their very best in difficult weather conditions. All teams finished with big smiles on their faces and a tummy full of sweets! Thank you all parents who braved the weather line judging, scoring and gate stewarding.

Next Saturday we are competing at Hurworth at Hillside Rural Activity Park Thirsk. We have two senior teams, 1 junior and a novice team taking part. Members competing include:

Charlotte Hughes, Anna Ridley, Annabelle Murray, Ava Marsden, Bea Stephenson, Brandon Fort, Charlie Bailey, Charlotte Chapman, Connie Henderson, Ella Pigg, Jemima Stewart, Josie Murray, Megan Fort, Nancy Pigg, Sally Dent, Sarah Willey, Tessa Stephenson, Will Bailey.

Bring on the Games!

Lisa Quinn


Our members have been training all through the winter preparing for the 2019 of Prince Phillip Mounted Games Competitions.
This weekend is the start of a 6 week programme of friendly competitions leading up to the Area 2 competition.
On Sunday our members compete in the Morpeth Hunt Pony Club Friendly Mounted Games Competition. We are represented across 5 different teams with our youngest members being only 7 years old.
Charlotte Hughes is taking part in a mixed team of older members using the friendly competition as a training event for Pairs at Areas. Charlotte rides with a member form the Tynedale Hunt and two members from North Northumberland pony club.
We then have two senior teams and two junior teams.
The senior team members are:
Ava Marsden, Brandon Fort, Connie Henderson, Ella Pigg, Jemima Stewart, Oli Courage, Sally Dent, Tessa Stephenson and Will Bailey.
Our 2 junior team members are:
Anna Ridley, Annabelle Murray, Bea Stephenson, Charlie Bailey, Charlotte Chapman, Joicey Murray, Megan Fort, Nancy Pigg and Sarah Willey.
We wish our teams the very best of luck and especially those competing for the very first time.
Anyone wanting to come and support our teams we will be at the Tranwell Airfield, near Morpeth NE61 6BG. first competition 10.50am, Sunday.
Lisa Quinn



 Mounted Games Friendly on

Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th April 2019 

The Mart Fields (near Egger), Nearest post code NE46 4JS (will be signposted)


South Northumberland Friendly Invitation 2019

South Northumberland Games Friendly Entry Form 2019


Hi All, for those that have asked me here are the competition dates I know of to date for 2019. April is already fully booked!..x


Date Club/Competition
24th March (provisional) Morpeth PC
TBC Braham PC
6-7th April Sinnington PC
 31st March  Hurworth PC
20-21st April Lanark PC
27th April Area 2 Competition
28th April Cleveland PC
11-12th May (provisional) CFHS PC
1-2nd June Kelso
22-23rd June Rockwood Harriers



Training 2018-19:

 We’re about to kick start our Games Training for 2018-19, this is open to all under the age of 19 on the 1st Jan who have an interest in Games however small (lead rein parents bring your trainers as its a great way to get fit..!). Please come along to a training session whether you want to aim for a team place or you just want to have a bit of fun over the winter. Those who wish to compete for a team place must attend training sessions and as many friendly competitions as possible (dates to follow). Those who wish to come along and just have a bit of fun with no commitment please do.


Training is priced at £5 per rider per session.

Please contact me if you wish to attend training ( or 07761099084, text mobile as I may not be able to answer due to work).


SNPC Games 2018-19