Thursday September 19, 2019


Dear Members,

The Pony Club offer children progressive tests starting at E and finishing with the A test. Tests combine stable management and riding, providing children with a rounded knowledge and experience of horsemanship.

You may not be aware that the structure to the tests have recently changed, for some of the tests, which means members  can now follow  the care / stable management route or focus on the riding route, or continue to take both parts to complete the whole test level.

Whilst these new options allow children to focus on one area, we would very much encourage members to complete the whole test as this gives a really solid foundation of horsemanship. Attached is the chart showing the progressive tests levels and what options are possible at the different levels.


For information, the tests are carried out in our club in the following format.

E, D, D+ and C are carried out at branch level, by accredited examiners and are organised by Belinda and Mandy.

E Test – This will be taken at rallies and little camp by internal instructors whilst children are in their ride groups

D Test – This test tends to be offered at little camp and rallies when we have enough candidates ready.

D+ test – This test is offered at little camp, rallies or on a separate day when we have enough candidates ready.

C test – This test is offered outside of  rallies and camps.

C+ and B test is co-ordinated by Kellie Davidson and training is carried out by Barbie Clarkson and sometimes by Area 2. The tests are carried out at Area level.

We will invite members to attend an assessment day and after formal feedback you will be advised on the next steps to train and prepare for the test, where we will support your progress. You will be offered to sit the test when it is felt you are at the correct standard.

B+, lunging, AH and A test – This will be organised by Barbie Clarkson where you will be offered Area 2 training and  work closely with assessors and trainers in preparing to take these tests. Tests are carried out at Area and National level.