Tuesday September 28, 2021
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Dressage Manager:  Lucy Kilroy

With initial enquiries/queries, please contact southoxfordshirecentral@pcuk.org 


Dressage isn’t always immediately every child’s favourite discipline, but it truly does benefit all disciplines (and is a necessary evil for eventing!), and very many children come to thoroughly enjoy working together with their pony to improve their way of going and make them a pleasure to ride.  Here at SOHC we strive to make rallies fun and useful, and try to keep groups small so that sessions can be tailored to suit horse and rider. 


Our branch dressage instructor is Tiggi Bentley https://www.tiggibentley.com, who has competed and trained people up to Intermediaire I, but is just as brilliant and really encouraging with everyone from lead rein upwards.  She is also one of our key instructors at both junior and senior camp each year.   She is passionate about members getting involved with dressage rallies right from the beginning, so please don’t feel you’re not good enough to come to a dressage rally – as long as you can vaguely rise to the trot she will find fun exercises that will improve your riding and your pony’s way of going.  Likewise if you have particular things you want to work on at a training session, or wanted to do pole work, then she will be happy to adapt the session.

Dressage is one of the disciplines where the branch can enter teams to compete up to national level, aiming for the National Championships in August.  There is also a Spring Festival, which is an individual, rather than team event.  The levels are Open (roughly elementary), Intermediate (roughly novice), Novice (roughly prelim) and Regional (easy prelim) levels. In addition Area 12 runs a Prix Caprilli competition, which is a dressage test with two small jumps in it, where the emphasis is on the rider rather than the horse.  Prix Caprilli is a brilliant way to start competing in a team for the club, so please do let us know if you’d be interested in taking part in a team at the Area dressage in July; we can often enter two teams of 3-4 if we have enough interest, and the only way to get the competition experience is to have a go.  Generally, if you would be interested to compete at any level, do let us know so we can gradually start thinking about teams and individual entries at each level over the course of the Spring.  As a branch have had a lot of success competitively in the past, including winning the Open National Championships, and you have to be in it to win it .

Further Information: 

Dressage Tests – Current Pony Club dressage tests can be downloaded here https://pcuk.org/sports/dressage/dressage-tests/


Spring Festival – further information, including details of qualifier dates, tests to be ridden and rules can be found here  https://pcuk.org/sports/dressage/competitions-and-events/spring-festival-dressage/


PC Championships – Further information about Pony Club dressage generally and the Championships can be found here https://pcuk.org/sports/dressage/