Tuesday September 28, 2021
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Eventing Manager:  Anita Baker

For initial enquiries/queries, please contact southoxfordshirecentral@pcuk.org

General Rules for All PC Eventing

Eventing is a three phase competition – dressage, show jumping and cross country, each of which mushy be completed mounted. The dressage test will be ridden first, followed any show jumping and then cross country. This order will be adhered to at all levels. Pony Club evening is gr and from PC70, PC80, PC90, PC100, PC100+ and PC110. PC110 (Pony Club open)is the equivalent of British Eventing’s Novice standard, PC100 (PC intermediate) is BE100  and PC90 (PC novice) is BE90. Please refer to the following tables. All competitions in the same class must complete the three phase in the same order. Each horse must be ridden by the same rider throughout. A horse many only compete once on any given day.