Thursday October 6, 2022
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Area and Regional Competitions

This page holds details of key Pony Club events from large local events to national champs. It also explains the selection process for members aspiring to represent SOHC at Areas/Champs events, which can be found here AreasChampsbriefingnote-Jan-2019 v3

All local shows and schedules can still be found on their eponymous tab.



Area Quiz – 26 March @ Shiplake Village Hall (Woodland)

Regional SJ – Saturday 11 June @ Middlegrove Farm (VAH).  

Area dressage – Sunday 26 June @ BCA (OBH Hughenden)

Area eventing – Saturday 16/17 July @ Tweseldown

Area tet (with Area 7) – TBC

National Champs –  TBC

Mini Area Eventing Champs – TBC

Mini SJ Champs – TBC

Horse & Pony Care – TBC



If you are a junior or new to competition,  there are champs for you.

Area 12 Mini Champs.  These are for Showjumping and Eventing and take place in the Autumn.

To qualify..
Eventing: must have completed a one-day event or a hunter trials at the height you wish to enter (50cm or 70cm) at any Pony Club organised event in any Area.

Showjumping: must have jumped a double clear at the height you wish to enter(50cm or 70cm) at any Pony Club organised event in any Area.  The showjumping in the 50cm class will be up to 60cm at the Champs.

The Championship Classes are open only to Members of the Pony Club in Area 12.  Classes will be split into Under 12 and Over 12 years on 1st January 2019 in the 70cm but not in the 50cm.  Members must not be competing at Regional level or above. In addition, the pony or horse/rider combination must not have been placed at any ODE, Hunter Trial or Arena Eventing competition at a height more than 10cms above their class height.

2022 Mini Championships – Rules



At the Area dressage the Grassroots class qualifies for a Championship at Keysoe in September.  It is usually the first two in the arena that qualify and the top 2 teams.  If you are competing in the Novice team or above you qualify for the National Champs in August.  All dressage classes take place on the same day at the same venue, but each horse/rider combination can only compete at one level.

Regional Show Jumping

Classes range from 40/45cm to 80cm for the Regional Qualifier.  There will be 2 fences in the Second Round of the Qualifier at 85cm.  The competition takes place at Middlegrove, Great Missenden and is run by the Vale of Aylesbury and is open to teams and individuals.   The top 6 teams qualify for the Championships and an additional 16 individuals.  Championship heights will be 5cm higher so that the Second Round will be at 85cm with 2 fences at 90cm. 

Area Show Jumping

Area competitions start at Novice level, which is 90cm and extends through Intermediate (100cm) and Open (110cm).  The Second Rounds at Area Level will all be 5cm higher and the Championships 10cm higher.  Between 2 – 4 teams qualify dependent on entries and an additional 4 individuals.

Area Eventing

This starts at 80cm (Regionals) with the Championship at Keysoe.  The top 6 teams qualify as well as the top 4 individuals. The other classes at 90cm  (Novice) and 100cm (Intermediate) qualify for the National Champs.  There is a 110cm class that is now at Gatcombe.  Between 1 and 2 teams normally qualify for the Championships plus approximately 4 individuals


In the winter, there are the Dengie Show Jumping Qualifiers at 80cm and 90cm.  This is now called the Winter League. You usually need to be in the top 4 to qualify for the Area Finals which take place in March and the top 5 of the Area Final to qualify for the Championships, held at Arena UK in April.  The Championships will be 10cm higher.


There is a Winter Tri series with a champs in March, area qualifiers are held from November through to the end of February.  Winter triathlon is Shooting, Swimming and Running.  Qualifiers tend to have all age groups, but only Minis, Juniors and Open can qualify for Winter triathlon championships.  
In the summer there is an area competition with a main championship which tends to be held one week before the main PC championships and in 2020, will be at Offchurch Bury.  Juniors and Open can qualify for main champs.  The junior ride is 90cm and the senior open ride is 1m, the courses tend to be technical and “full up” at championship level.  

There are a few other highlights to the tetrathlon year – mini regionals, junior regionals and senior regionals which involves being selected for our Central England team and competing against the other regions including Ireland.  The ride courses tend to be a little harder than Nationals.
There is also an opportunity to compete at Windsor Horse Show in May, if selected by Area 12.
SOHC try to organise a triathlon competition each year usually in March, but the date does vary.  
Area 12 and SOHC have a fabulous track record in tetrathlon, which we are keen to maintain, so please come and join in at whatever you feel comfortable at!

Please use this link to order tetrathlon kit:

Tamsin Woods (DC) has swim hats available for purchase.