Tuesday September 28, 2021
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Getting Started inc vaccination rules

You will  be allocated a “Ride”.  These groups or Rides are graded according to age and ability and will give you the chance to start to meet new friends from Day One!  The DC and Committee produce a regular programme of rallies, training sessions, practices, social events and fun rides.  This programme can be downloaded from the Programme and Times page of the website. Have a go and sign up for as much as you can and if in doubt, do call the contact allocated to each of the events if you need help or advice



To protect the health of other competing horses and the bio security of the venue, the following rules will apply to all Pony Club Competitions:


A valid passport and vaccination record:

  • must accompany the horse / pony to all events
  • must be available for inspection by the event officials
  • must be produced on request at any other time during the event

No horse / pony may compete (or be present at the event as a companion) unless it has a Record of Vaccination against equine influenza completed by the veterinary surgeon who gave the vaccination, signed and stamped line by line, which complies with the Minimum Vaccination Requirements.

The Minimum Vaccination Requirements for a horse / pony are that it has received:

  • a Primary Vaccination followed by a Secondary Vaccination given not less than 21 days and not more than 92 days after the Primary Vaccination; and
  • if sufficient time has elapsed, a booster vaccination given not less than 150 days and not more than 215 days after the Secondary Vaccination and further booster vaccinations at intervals of not more than a year apart

At competitions at Area level and above including Grassroots Regional Championships and the finals of the Winter Series competitions, the most recent booster injection must have been given within the six calendar months prior to the date of the competition.    This also applies to Junior and Senior Camps this year.

No horse / pony may compete on the same day as a relevant injection is given or on any of the 6 days following such an injection.