Monday November 18, 2019
Pony Racing

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Pony racing is a relatively new sport. Though people have raced ponies since time began, it’s only been an official sport here since 2004.  

In brief, there are three levels:

1 Pony Club race days – everyone, at any level, is welcome. You have to have done either two pony club rallies on the pony you want to race on, or you have to do a PRA/PC training day before the race day. See below for details of training days.

Point to Point pony races – again open to anyone, though you have to have done either four pony club working rallies, or four days hunting, or a PRA/PC training day.

3 Racecourse Series (also known as the Charles Owen Series) – this is for more experienced young jockeys and you get to race on prestigious race tracks. It’s a bit more complicated to qualify. Amongst other things you have to have done three races at Point to Point or Pony Club race days.

There’s lots of information here:

There are lots of rules – about your kit in particular. If you’d like to give it a go it’s best to read the full list of rules here for Pony Club Race Days

And here for Point to Point and Racecourse Series

As a very basic starting point, there are three things to consider:

  • Riders must be aged 9-15 years (you can race in the year you become 16)
  • Ponies must be 138cm & Under or 148cm & Under
  • Ponies must be aged 5-20 years

To find the next PRA/PC training day coming up, go to the PRA website here

and the Pony Club website here