Saturday December 5, 2020
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Hunter trial results here – St Leonards HT results


New for 2020 – Senior member advanced rallies! In addition to our regular monthly rallies for all ages and standards, we are pleased to offer our more advanced riders (C test standard and above) the opportunity to attend regular indoor sessions with David Reddan for flat and show jumping training, and cross country sessions with other instructors.


Spooners & West Dartmoor Hunt Branch of the Pony Club was established in 1967 in Area 16 and currently has 60 members covering an area around Plymouth and Tavistock as far north as Postbridge.  In addition to the main club, Spooners have a thriving sub-section dedicated to under 8’s called the Lone Rangers.  The Lone Ranger actvities are specifically tailored to cater for even our smallest members, some of whom start at the age of 3!

As a member of our Pony Club we want you to appreciate and enjoy your pony with like-minded people and hopefully make new friendships on the way.

Within the Pony Club you will have opportunities to compete and represent our Pony Club in competitions – this is not compulsory – it is up to you! You can just come along and watch if you want!

Available to you through being a member:IMG_6027

  • Insurance: Pony Club members are covered for third party liability (also known as public or personal liability) 24 hours a day for all equestrian activities. The insurance provides indemnity up to £30,000,000.
  • Rallies: Open to all to teach you more about riding and caring for your pony.
  • Show Jumping/Team Show Jumping: Open to all.
  • Prince Phillip: Gymkhana games open to all.
  • Dressage: Open to all.
  • Endurance Riding: Open to all.
  • One-day events (ODE): Combination of dressage, show jumping, and cross-country.
  • D days: As above but for less experienced members.
  • Triathlons Shooting, Swimming, Running.
  • Tetrathlons Shooting, Swimming, Running, Cross-Country Jumping.
  • Pony Club Tests Lessons are given to improve riding and horse care knowledge. Tests are normally taken from 4 years onwards.
  • Achievement Badges For the younger members, a fun way to learn more about horsemanship and the countryside.
  • Pony Club Camps – Junior & Senior Open to all ages for you and your pony.

We also try to arrange social get togethers such as Easter Egg hunts, pleasure rides, mini mock hunts with optional tour of kennels etc etc. If you have any queries or questions do feel free to contact Rebecca Townsend (your DC) on 01822 841871  or Assistant DC Mary Harper 01822 854603.  Committee members, their roles and contacts are also on our who’s who page.

We love to hear the things you have been getting up to through the Pony Club and would appreciate any reporting you can offer.  If you have a news story or event report you would like adding to the website please email it to