Sunday October 25, 2020
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How to Join

We welcome new members of all ages and abilities.

If you wish to join please complete the following form and return it to our Membership Secretary, Mel Adams.  The completed form can be submitted via email to or posted to her at

Burrows Farm Cottage, Trecombe Callington PL17 8LP

her contact number is 01579 371251


If you wish to discuss joining or are unsure please contact our DC Rebecca Townsend who will be more than happy to explain all the benefits of being a member and what you need to do. Rebecca can be reached by email or by telephone on 01822 841871

There have been a few changes to pony club membership in 2019 and changes are detailed below

FAQ regarding the 2019 Membership process for Branches, which includes information on the new Non-Riding Membership, Branch Membership Packs, Branch Membership Forms and Branch Annual Accounts.

Non-Riding Membership

  • How does this Membership differ from standard Membership?
    Non-Riding Membership is for those looking to participate purely in non-riding Pony Club activities, e.g. Horse and Pony Care, National Quiz or Pony Club Triathlon.
  • Is the insurance different for Non-Riding Membership?
    Yes – Members are not covered to ride.
  • How much does it cost?
    Non-Riding Membership will cost £31 and will run for the duration of the usual Branch Membership year, expiring on 31st January 2020. Please note that there is no reduced rate for Non-Riding Membership.
  • What is the capitation fee?
    The capitation fee for 2019 will be £25 per Non-Riding Member.
  • Does this affect Family Memberships?
    Family Memberships are capped at £190 and can include any combination of Riding and Non-Riding Members. In some cases it may be cheaper for a household to join as Individual Members if the total would be less than £190.

Membership Packs

  • How will the process work?
    Starting from 2019, any new or renewing Member will receive a membership pack, fulfilled centrally via one of our commercial partners. At regular intervals we will run a central report from Unity to provide details of new Members to our fulfillment centre, who will post out the packs.
  • What is included in the pack?
    This is being finalised and photos will be shared shortly – however we can confirm there will be a membership card, insurance details and a handy folder to keep all your Pony Club documents in.
  • When will packs be ready to send out?
    Packs will start to be posted out at the end of January.
  • Do Branches need to do anything differently on Unity?
    No, Branches should follow the same process as last year. As long as the Member’s details are on Unity, they will then be included in the next batch of membership packs.
  • Can Branches renew Members straight away?
    Yes – any Members who join or renew now will receive their packs once we start sending them out.
  • Will Members who joined or renewed before Christmas get a pack?
    Anyone who joined or renewed after the start of December will receive a pack.
  • What happens if a pack gets lost in the post?
    In this case the Member should notify us as soon as possible and we will arrange for a replacement pack to be sent out.
  • What happens if the Member needs a replacement card?
    If a pack is lost by a Member they will have the opportunity to buy a replacement one.

Branch Membership Forms

  • Why has the Branch Admin Fee been removed?
    It is up to the Branch to set and charge an administration fee rather than it being a general fee applicable to all.
  • Is it possible to allow Branches to generate a custom form with an extra fee included?
    Yes – the custom form generator on the link above now has an option to include an extra fee.
  • Why have the letter from the Chairman and the insurance details been removed from the renewal form?
    The details of the insurance and the letter are both in the membership booklet which forms part of the membership pack.
  • As always, please do ensure that you encourage parents/guardians to fill out Gift Aid where possible as it is a valuable income stream for both Branches and The Pony Club Office. For every four Members who fill out Gift Aid, this is equivalent to an extra Member!