Sunday October 25, 2020
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Pony Club Tests


There are a series of Pony Club tests your children can be prepared for and take if they so wish.  Starting at the most basic test the following page gives you an indication of the path they follow and what is expected.

E TEST                              Pale Yellow Felt   (voluntary) (recommended minimum age 4yrs)

The Road Rider MINI achievement badge

Road Rider Mini Achievement Badge Syllabus

D TEST                               Yellow Felt  (recommended minimum age 8yrs)

D+ TEST                            White Felt (recommended minimum age 10yrs)

The Road Rider Achievement Badge 

The Road Rider Achievement Badge Syllabus

C TEST                                Green Felt        Recommend age 11yrs

C+ TEST                             Pink Felt           Minimum age 13yrs

The Road Rider Test  – Riders MUST BE OVER 12yrs

The Road Rider Badge Syllabus

B TEST                                Red Felt              Minimum age 14yrs

Test is spilt into 2 parts Riding – Beige Felt and Care- Brown Felt

B+ TEST [Voluntary]    Purple Felt         Minimum Age 16yrs  (voluntary)

The Lunging Test           Light Blue Felt   Minimum Age 16yrs

Coaching Certificate                                      Minimum Age 17yrs  (voluntary)

 AH Test                             Pink Felt              Minimum age 16yrs

A Test                                  Blue Felt            Minimum age 17yrs

Note ; there are 3 voluntary tests the rest are compulsory in order to progress to the next test and the 2 Road Rider badges don’t have to done if the child has their Road Rider Test

Therefore the Road Rider Test should only be taken by members who are 12 yrs and above, the Mini Achievement and the Achievements Road Rider Badges are done to let the members proceed with their test within their correct age  group.

The Mini Achievement Badge can be done by an instructor who is an experienced driver

The Road Rider Achievement Badge can be done by an instructor who is a C TEST examiner or above and experienced drivers.

The Road Rider Test has 2 examiners: Riding – C test or above examiner who is an experienced driver and adn Road Safety Examiner.

For further information please contact Emma Young on 07975 596984 or