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New Rules for 2019
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A reminder of The Pony Club’s Codes of Conduct


***** Turnout for Rallies*****

*Plain dark or cream jods
*Pony Club sweatshirt or plain dark coloured sweatshirt
*Plain dark hat silk and white PC tag.
*No jewellery
*Hair tied back and in a hair net.
*Clean tack
*Plain dark coloured numnah/saddlecloth
*Clean groomed pony.Remember you are representing your club.
Please also be ready to ride 5 minutes BEFORE your start time. Remember to thank you instructor at the end!


Air Weapon and Pistol Licensing Act (Scotland 2015)

 All air weapons, which include the pistols pony clubs use for tetrathlon, need to be licensed between July 1 and December 31, 2016: with the license coming into effect on 31st December 2016. The cost has not yet been formally communicated (but likely to be around £70-100), but Scottish Tetrathlon is liaising with Police Scotland to find out more about implications for tetrathlon, so join the Scottish Tetrathlon Facebook page for regular news. Also, there is regularly updated information on the Police Scotland website:
All airguns need to be licensed by October 31, 2016. Details of how the licensing applies to pony clubs in Scotland is available here:


The January 2009 Newsletter:-pc_newsletter_january_2009

The February/March 2009 edition of the Newsletter:- newsletter_february_2009.

The Feb 2009 Polo Newsletter:- polo_newsletter_2009_february

December 2012 Newsletter

British Showjumping Club Membership
British Showjumping is aimed at grassroots competitors whom currently compete at 70cm – 1.00m.
The objective of Club Membership is to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere where riders will participate for points, not prize money and all results will be graded fully so that a full performance record is held for each horse/pony and their rider. Points will be allocated to each competitor placed within Club Shows and accumulated for a Regional Championship summer show.
Riders do not have to compete in their own region to accumulate points and the membership will be sold as a competitor package from just £30.00!
There will be both a Horse and Pony Club Membership and the good news is, that there is no age restriction on riders competing ponies. Within each of the Horse and Pony categories there will be four height based classes; 70cm, 80cm, 90cm and 1.00m.
Sitting behind each of the classes will be a points system with league points being awarded to competitors placed at Club Shows. The incentive for accruing league points is that the top forty horse/rider combinations from each of the four height categories will then be invited to compete at a summer Regional Championships .
Club Membership Shows will be running the length and breadth of the country giving you the opportunity to compete at professionally run shows with inviting and well thought out courses. In addition to this you will have the assurance of knowing that you have a wealth of experienced officials ensuring your day is as enjoyable as possible. You also have the security of knowing you have a £30m Public Liability Policy covering you for any horse or
pony you handle or ride.
This in addition to your detailed performance record that British Showjumping will keep online for you to access at any time of the day or night makes ‘Club Membership’ an extremely unique offering that should not be missed.
For further information please visit or contact the British Showjumping Sport Team on 02476 698812 who will be able to answer any questions you may have. Application Form; Advert.

What is Tetrathlon?
Summary of what is involved

Information on Health

Information on worming is available here:worming_information.

Information on a Body Scoring Index for Ponies is also available:welfare

A BHS Poster on Strangles can be downloaded from here (size is 1.36Mb): bhs_poster_strangles


In order to attend a working rally you must telephone the organizer at least 7 days before the rally to book your place. Please bring a haynet and water for your pony and a picnic for yourself. If in doubt about the weather conditions please telephone the organizer of the rally. Please be mounted by 10.30am unless told otherwise.

After booking in for a rally and you find that you cannot attend you must let the organiser know as there is often a waiting list and you could be depriving somebody of a place.

If parents are NOT staying at the rally they MUST inform either Jane Cepok, Morag Brewster or the rally organizer and tell them who will be responsible for their child / children in their absence.

Dress code for rallies: Riding hat, jodhpur boots, jodhpurs, white shirt, pony club tie and if you do not have a hacking jacket, a clean blouson type jacket, fleece or pony club sweatshirt will be adequate. Hair nets should be used if riders have long hair (it is a safety issue). Riding hat must be of the required standard. Jane Ryder has a contact for blouson type jackets for Strathearn members so please contact her if you are interested in ordering one.
We try to make our rallies and events as much fun as possible, but equestrianism can be a dangerous sport and accidents can happen.  To make things as safe as possible for everyone concerned, can you PLEASE note the following safety points:

  • DO NOT leave your horse or pony tied to your trailer or lorry unattended
  • Always WALK your pony back to your trailer
  • Leave as much space as is feasible between vehicles when parking. Sometimes this is not possible depending on venue, but do take this into consideration
  • NEVER sit on your pony without your riding hat on and ensure that it is properly fastened
  • BEWARE of pushchairs, small children and other people in all riding areas – they may not be able to get out of a horse’s way
  • PLEASE keep all dogs on a short lead
  • REMEMBER horses and ponies are unpredictable animals and every care must be taken to be responsible at Pony Club events.
  • If you wear a huddie then the hood must be tucked in prior to riding. This is a safety issue.

Vaccinations for horses and ponies
Please ensure that vaccinations are up-to-date and continuous. This is vital when attending camp.

Friday nights
Could members please wear Pony Club clothing such as sweathshirts on Friday nights. Importantly, if members have long hair can they please use hair nets – this is a safety issue. Thanks.

Cross Country competitions
Please note that MEDICAL ARMBANDS are compulsory at all Cross Country competitions. You will not be allowed to compete without wearing an armband. Children should not climb fences when course walking. Outside assistance ie parents or coaches shouting instructions to competitors, is NOT allowed in competitions and may result in competitors being disqualified.

Horse passports
All horse owners must carry the equine passports with them when they travel and failure to do so is not only breaking the law but is also likely to incur a hefty fine. The passports MUST stay with the horses when travelling.

Please check hats regularly for signs of damage. If there is cracking or compression of the foam please get a new one. IMPORTANT, please check that hats conform to the latest regulations re kite marks. Details are given in the rule books for all disciplines.

The success of the Pony Club is dependent on the voluntary contribution of many people.

Strathearn Branch (unlike some of the smaller branches) is involved with every activity within the Pony Club and of vital importance is the input and assistance from parents. Because of all these activities we are always looking for further support from parents. Please offer! There is always somebody who can provide guidance on what to do. This help is hugely appreciated and makes an enormous difference to the smooth running of events which could not take place without the voluntary assistance of parents.
If your child is involved in cross country competitions please note that we need to find volunteers to act as fence judges at every jump and these competitions cannot take place unless enough parents volunteer in this role. If there are 20 fences each with 2 judges that means we have to find 80 volunteers if each volunteer judges for half a day! Of course, we are grateful that some of our fence judges stay for the whole day which reduces the number required. We are always looking for additional volunteers to act as fence judges. Training can be given and usually involves being paired up with more experienced fence judges as well as being put on ‘easy jumps’ to start with. As an added incentive, experience gained by parents can be useful for giving advice to their children though not during a competition (it is not allowed!).

If you want to do more than just help move poles etc please speak to a member of the committee or contact Jane Cepok.


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