Thursday December 2, 2021
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Page updated 29 Nov 2021

KYLA  8yo 16.2hh Mare

Beautiful looking mare, only for sale due to personal reasons. Enjoys the challenges of her flat work and has been working well with a dressage coach starting to become more established in her lateral work.  She has recently been attending Pony Club rallies, senior training and senior camp this year.  Has trained over cross country courses at various locations and takes it all in her stride growing in confidence each time.  She would suit a competent rider looking to do Pony club/Riding Club or looking for a straightforward fun horse for day to day riding.  She hacks alone, travels alone, great to handle, clip and loves the attention of people, a real cuddly horse.  She has been at the same home since birth.  £9,500 but home is more important than price  Located just outside Glasgow – G62 8LG. Photos.
CONTACT – Kyle – 07944278516 for further information or viewings. (advert placed on website 29 Nov).


HAZEL is a 14hh, Connemara x, dun mare who has literally been there, done that and swept up with wins all over Scotland with 3 fabulous lucky fast growing consecutive jockeys the last seven years, since she relocated from hunting in Balmy Berkshire!  Well known in Strathearn, Fife and Perth Pony Club Branches she is one in a million, will go up and down the levels, keeps herself and your child completely safe but although she would disagree she is now due for a slower pace of life at 25 years old (vets say she is more like 15!).  She has taken her riders to numerous Championships including Pony Club, NSEA and BE Badminton Grass Roots 90cm in 2018.  We are limiting her jumping height now to 75cm max but she loves to go out and about to new places and would be miserable fully retired. Very careful jumper, rarely has a pole down and a complete confidence giver for your child.  Comes with complete full wardrobe including various rugs, boots, bandages, hoodies, bridle, bits and saddle. Easy to clip, shoe, load etc. Hacks out alone or in company. Loves her food!  Needs to be in at night Oct-April and during inclement weather.  Good home needed for this very special lady.  Would also consider a small adult rider home wanting to hack and attend BD and/or Riding Club activities/events etc.  Complimentary private lessons available from owner (BHSII/Stage 4 Complete) on offer!   photo1 , photo2 , photo3 , photo4, photo5, photo6, photo7.
Please contact owner Charlie Nichols  07907-606645  or Vicky Wright 07809 276071.


We are keeping our eye out for a safe and sensible pony club type all rounder 13.3 to 14.2 to compete at local level and have fun. I have 2 daughters, 11 and 13, both grown out of their ponies so we realistically need two! However, we have a Highland meantime to fill the gap. Both love to jump and the youngest enjoys dressage. We are on a farm and enjoy lots of lovely hacking. We have weekly lessons with a great instructor. The girls love their ponies and are very kind natured, quiet riders. Sally 07808020974  (Advert placed on website 3 Nov).

A great little first pony

Thomas is a Shetland Cross, Gelding, 16 years and 10.2 hands
Due to our son outgrowing our wee pony, Thomas, we are sadly looking for his next home. He is a sweet natured Shetland pony and has been brilliant with our kids both on and off lead rein; this pony has never put a foot wrong when there is a child on him.
Patient on lead rein and good to hack out; can hack out alone or with others; he’s happy to lead or follow…nothing really phases him.
He lives out, is good with the farrier, easy to load and loves turning out for pony club events. Thomas is too good to leave in a field as a companion pony and he deserves to be in work and loved by a new little person.
He has had sweet itch in the past but it is not difficult to control. Due to being a typical cheeky Shetland pony, he needs a firm hand on the ground; but you can trust him 100% when you put kids on his back. He comes with full tack and rugs. photo1 , photo2 , photo3 , photo4.
Only 5* homes will be considered for this special pony.
Please contact Jane Brewster for more information –  or 01350 727559

Wanted – First Pony

I’m keen to buy a pony for my daughter so that she can progress with her riding. We are looking for a first pony for her. Someone well mannered on the ground and a confidence giver in the saddle. I’m not fussed about age, as long as the pony is not too young.  Height wise, we’d consider anything suitable 14.2-15.2hh or there abouts. Good to catch, good to clip load dentist etc….
My daughter has been riding for over 2 years now and has progressed quite well. She is 11yo and 156cm and loves riding! She can walk trot and canter, she jumps cross poles and has just moved to horizontals. She is flimsy in the core but I am sure that with more regular work this will improve and her balance will get better and better.
I have previously owned a horse so we can offer a caring and knowledgeable home. The pony will be fully liveried at Hazeldene stables and we would be happy to keep in touch with her current owners.
Please contact Catriona at  (Advert placed on website 29 Sept)

Looking for a loan for my 13 year old daughter – 

Ideally a 14.2+/15h good natured, reliable and safe horse. 
Able to be used for PC activities, hacking, jumping, x country is safe on roads and good around kids and dogs. 
Can live outside and be around other horses. 
We will travel as really keen to find the right match.
Please email: or phone: 07810-124-941  (Advert placed on website 26 Aug).

13.2h Welsh x Arab (23years young)

Prince (Priny) 

Our very special boy is sadly hopelessly outgrown, we have owned him for 3 years. Absolute gentleman and always handled by children, he has taught my daughter how to ride, total  confidence giver. Please don’t be put off by his age he knows his job and loves it and still has so much more to give. He has been a show pony most of his life and has excelled in this. 

We have done all PC activities but my daughter loves dressage so has concentrated on competing unaffiliated and PC dressage, they have just won both there classes from a  dressage league they have been competing in last few months, he is fit and ready to go. They have also done x-country, show jumping and working hunter which Priny loves and has always looked after my daughter, will hack alone or in company and is safe in open fields. Mother’s dream to take out and about. He really is the kindest sweetest boy who will stand all day to get brushed and pampered. Very sad sale of our much loved pony. Homes will be vetted  photo1, photo2 , photo3.Contact Joanne 07976514633  (Advert placed on website 26 Aug).


Confidence giver / schoolmaster type. Ideally done a bit of everything. Happy to hack out solo and of a confident nature. 13.3-15.1hh but suitability more important than height.  We stay near Dunkeld and have land at home.  Izzie Campbell. M 07881 426624  (Advert placed on website 26 Aug)











Strathearn Pony Club merchandise SALE

1 Pony club jacket       age 7-8 years      £25

Pony club sweatshirt   Extra large          £12
                                        Age 3-4 years     £5
                                 2 x  Age 5-6years      £5                     
                                         Age 7-8years     £5

Zip up jumper               Age 12-13yrs     £10

Long sleeved t-shirt     Age 5-6 years      £5
                                        Age  9-11 years    £5
                                       Age 14-15 years    £5
                                   2 x medium              £5
                                         Large                 £5

 Contact Tracy or anyone on the committee if you want to purchase or try any thing.
All other clothing can be bought from the Harry Hall website.