Tuesday January 19, 2021
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Hunting with the Suffolk Hunt


Pony Club contact – Tina Hutchinson – 07810 030560 – christinahutchinson@live.co.uk

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Suffolk Hunt, the season is about to start anyone wishing to join us please contact our Secretary Clare Brown secretary@suffolkhunt.co.uk 07713267474


Here is the link to the Suffolk Hunt Website where you can find the Suffolk Scribe newsletter and other interesting information about the hunt

Hunting 2020
Details from Clare Brown secretary@suffolkhunt.co.uk

Pony club meet – Dec 2018 









Pony Club Meet  

The Hunt holds 2 meets especially for Pony Club Members, the first at half term and the second during the Christmas holidays. These two meets are free for Pony Club members and accompanying parents/guardians. (At other times PC members up to the age of 18yrs may hunt for £10 per day and adults have to pay the full cap) Children must be accompanied by an adult or with an adult following in a car.

Dress is hacking jackets and beige jodhpurs for children under 16yrs. Ponies should be clean, neat and tidy (manes don’t need to be plaited for Autumn Hunting). If you have a young pony please put a green ribbon on its tail, likewise if you have a pony that kicks please put a red ribbon on.

Remember to arrive in good time, the time advertised is the time the Hunt leaves the Meet.

While out hunting the following points should be remembered.

Never overtake the field master, only he knows where we can and can’t go. Listen carefully to any instructions he may give.

Always turn your pony’s head towards hounds when they pass you, so they don’t get kicked.

Keep a safe distance between yourself and other horses and never barge past other members.

Be polite and remember to say good morning to masters and hunt staff and remember to say thank you to all drivers.

If you are unsure what is going on or what you have been asked to do, please ask as we all started hunting once and are only too willing to explain what goes on.

The Hunt have produced a newsletter ‘The Suffolk Scribe’ which can be found on the PC/Suffolk Hunt website and will keep you up to date as to what is going on.

Half term meet is a good introduction to hunting. You can go at your own pace. We had 2 shetland ponies on lead rein a couple of years ago following for a few hours but you can stay out for as long as you like or even just come to the meet.

If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I look forward to seeing you out.