Tuesday December 5, 2023
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Starting Endurance – an explanation


Information on the Pony Club Rider Development Pathway


Equine Herpes Virus FACTSHEET200313v2

BEF Basic Biosecurity Information Sheet


The Pony Club rule now states “If a rider chooses to wear an air jacket in Cross Country or Pony Racing it must only be used in addition to a normal body protector”.  An air jacket may be worn for other disciplines without a body protector. See Pony Club website

This rule will be applied without exception to all area competitions.  By entering these competitions, members are agreeing to abide by the rules.  Any individual not so doing will not be allowed to ride and will forfeit their entry fee.


The 2014 Rule Books state that a body protector must be worn underneath a Point Two (or similar) Airjacket for any discipline, ie you can’t wear an Airjacket WITHOUT a body protector for show jumping, XC or dressage.

Rule books can be ordered  online from the PC shop and it is strongly recommended you buy and read the relevant ones if you intend to do teams this season. It is not up to the team organiser to make sure you know all the rules.  It would be useful even for those not doing teams to prevent misunderstandings at rallies.


You must take your Branch Membership Card to all Rallies so they can be signed to prove you have attended Rallies in order to take part in Teams.


If you suspect, or your pony is showing any symptoms of Strangles, or you have been in contact with a pony/horse with Strangles please do not attend any Pony Club Activities.


Remember to take your pony’s passport with you every time you travel to shows, lessons and rallies.  The passport may be required if the pony needs treatment by a vet, if you are stopped by the police or if you break down and need alternative transport .

Equine Infectious Anaemia

EIA is a notifiable disease: anyone suspecting the disease must immediately notify the duty vet at their local AHVLA office.

Further information is available at:


Important Message from the Treasurer


Surrey Union Pony Club Facebook Group for members 13 years and over to put their photos and news.  Please apply through the Groups area on Facebook.


PLEASE NOTE:  Side reins are not permitted to ride in, only daisy reins running from the bit up through browband and to the ‘D’ rings on saddle, or a shop-bought daisy rein.


Boots that have a heavy tread and grooved sole (like the Mountain Rider and some other makes) are NOT permitted at all as the foot cannot slip out of the iron.


Earrings and other jewellery are NOT allowed at Pony Club rallies or events.


MEDICAL ARM BANDS AND BODY PROTECTORS must be worn at all Pony Club activities, including Working Rallies.


THE HAT RULE:  Please read The Hat Rule.  It is vitally important for your own safety, and insurance, that your hat meets the requirements.  It should not have a peak for Cross Country, but this can be tagged for dressage or show jumping. You must not attend any Pony Club activity unless you have an approved hat.  Please contact Sarah O’Connell to organise tagging. See Contact Us page.


 TESTS: See Tests Page.


Email addresses for members:  if you do not already receive your holiday programme, notices etc. by email, please send your email address to pcwebsite@btinternet.com.


IS YOUR TACK SAFE?  If it is not in good condition and/or is ill-fitting, insurance claims can be invalidated if an accident occurs as a result, and we will not permit you to ride at a Pony Club activity.


YOUNG CHILDREN:  Those who are not riding but are attending rallies must be supervised at all times and are the parents’ responsibility.  Bicycles are banned from all rallies and camps.


NO MEMBER SHOULD BE LEFT at a Working Rally without a responsible adult being in attendance.  If a parent cannot stay, an arrangement must be made for another adult to accept this responsibility.


SHOEING, TEETH, WORMING, TETANUS, FLU: Are these all up to date?  Book your farrier before the holidays start.


DO YOU WISH TO BUY, SELL OR ARRANGE A LOAN OF A PONY or HORSE?  Mrs Cooper very kindly keeps a directory for the branch.  This is purely factual, with no prices or comments.  If you wish to use this service, WRITE to Mrs Cooper at Cauldron Cottage, Abinger Common, Dorking, Surrey, RH5 6LW