Tuesday December 5, 2023
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Intermediate Eventing Report – season 2015

 I want to thank all the intermediate riders for competing this year at pony club competitions. Most of the intermediate riders have been involved in public examinations at both at GCSE’s and A levels, putting time constraints on competing for Surrey Union.

Our first outing in May was to Coombelands, Chiddingfold Farmers’ Pony Club. Coombelands was picked as it is close so it did not take too much time out of exam revision for the senior riders! The team of Jamie Butt, Joanna Kelly, Katie Collis and Lucy Crichton won, I was delighted for the riders as we retained the winning trophy. On the same weekend Milly Gover competed at her first Intermediate event but went to Eridge Park. The cross country section had some big technical jumps and she came fifth in her section – well done.

Back to Coombelands in June for Peterfield’s Pony club where the team came second. Competing was Natasha Goldman, Hatty Ford, Lucy Crichton and Josh Moore.

Area eventing was held at Brightling Park, many congratulations to Hatty Ford who won her section and represented Surrey Union at the Championships and was placed 4th – a brilliant achievement. The team was placed second, narrowly missed out on qualifying for the championships. Natasha Goldman competed as an individual and came 5th with her best dressage result of the season with Ozzie.

The team also competed at Tweseldown.

Finally, a big thank you to parents for their support, our season has been fun and we always look forward to the picnic after the competition with a cake or two!

Next year, the Novice and Intermediate Area Eventing will be held at Bonfleur Farm on Sunday 26th June 2016. A month earlier and right in the middle of the public exam period so not great timing.


Novice Eventing 2015

Yet again another fantastic eventing season for Surrey Union!

This year was especially impressive considering most of our riders were either on new ponies or moving from ponies to new horses which, as you are more than aware, can be quite a challenge in itself!

We managed to get at least one team, sometimes two to most of the events of the season. These included Bisley, Eridge, Lodge farm and Hambledon.

Our teams were made up of different combinations of Emelye Kenyan Brown, Eva Sharpe, Grace Jackson, Jennifer Lodge, Emelia Troniseck, Hatty Ford, Jenna Emmerton, Josh Moore and Clarissa Burnell Price. All achieved fantastic individual results and came home with some great team placings.

The Area’s this year at Brightling proved to be an incredibly wet and windy affair, and a very long day but was well worth it.  Emelye and Emelia did extremely well as individuals, with Emelye coming 3rd in her section.

The team of Jenna (2nd), Grace (2nd), Clarissa (2nd) and Josh (4th) battled through the elements, and in a quite emotional moment for the team and all those who support it, went on to win !

In August the team made the long journey up to Chomley Castle for the Championships. Unfortunately the eventing gods were not kind to us that day but we all gained valuable experience not only on horse back but also in outdoor living.

I would just like to say a huge thank you to all who took part in making last summer lots of fun, to the parents for all your hard work and especially for the tireless support from Elaine & Philip Gover.


Mini Team Report – 2015

The Surrey Union Mini’s are a small group of enthusiastic members who have enjoyed a fantastic year with some great results and lots of fun and laughter along the way. They have been very lucky to enjoy some excellent  training from Becca Gibbs, Sara Ingleson, Briony Simpson, and Alison Craig to name a few which has led to further improvement and no doubt aided our Surrey Union Mini teams success. Thank you to everyone who has helped all the Mini members some of whom are not competitive but just enjoy having fun with their ponies.

Our Event team has had a great year with a notable win for Katie  at Coombelands on a foul day at the beginning of the season. We have also had teams and individuals  competing at several competitions through out the season with a fantastic team win for Sophie, Freddy and Grace at Wivelsden farm.

We are sad to say good bye to Katie, Laurie and Darcey who will move onto the novice teams this year but wish them every success on their continued progress through the pony club. We also look forward to some of the Mini Mini children moving up to join us at Mini level and hope for more fun and success over the 2016 season.

Lizzy Moore  Mini Team Manager


 Team Report for the Mini Minis April 2015

I  (Nicola Paddy) took over with Sarah O’Connell as joint team managers for the mini minis in April time.

We started with some training session at Little Gaterounds, with Sara Ingleson & Georgia Wood, trying to get the children up to a level that they would feel confident in their first one day event on the 6th June at Mid Surrey. I took 18 children to Mid Surrey, we also took Sara Ingleson to help with nerves, tears and tantrums.. (Mums & riders) call out numerous dressage tests and then Sara ran a marathon around the cross country field!! In all the children all came out with rosettes we had several wins but for me the team spirit that the children had, cheering each other on and when things didn’t go to plan they reassured each other that it didn’t matter.

From that event we did more training…

More competitions –

Wilvesden farm ODE 19th July

Carewell ODE 17th August

Bonfleur 30th August

Felbridge Show Jumping 21 riders…. now that was crazy..

I feel very proud of my mini minis they have all come on so much, everyone of them has completed a ODE and Show jumping events and taken home plenty of rosettes. They have learned that it doesn’t always go the way we want it to, and when it goes wrong to smile and carry on. The team events have been such a learning curve for all the riders they have rallied round their team mates to cheer them on and it’s not always about winning, but to have fun.

I’ve tried to mention all my mini minis that I have taken on my teams for the last 10 months –


Nieve Smallwood                               Hattie Betchley

Ben Foss                                             Harrison Chart

Darcy Foss                                          Frankie Chart

Grace Gibbs                                        Caitlin Dale

Lucia Mayhew                                    Jemima Matthews

Olivia Jones                                         Tara Moore

Elena Jones                                         Roseanna Savage

Louis Powell                                       Harriet Warren

Emily Bansfield                                  Maisie Lawton

Amelia Lawton                                    Lois O’Connell

Sadie Wallis                                         Caitlin Paddy

Izzy Powell                                            Holly Jones

Pheobe Kenward                                  Poppy Kenward

Chloe Kenward                                      Sinead Paddy

Lucy Greenwood                                   Mia Mckenzieen

Emma Nelson                                         Niamh Marron

If I have forgotten anybody I am sorry  And a big thank you to all the parents who have persevered with my numerous email at silly hours of the day and for supporting me on my lack of knowledge and inexperience, I’m still learning!!!…As some of these riders are now moving up to Minis, let’s hope we can encourage more little one to start riding with Surrey Union.