Tuesday December 5, 2023
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Clothing Rules

We would really like members to feel part of the SUPC community and to that end we have lots of branded SUPC merchandise for the members, their ponies and their parents!  Look at the  SUPC Merchandise page to see what you can buy.

However, The Pony Club does have certain safety rules relating to what can be worn for PC activities:

Hats:  Well fitted, undamaged and bearing the correct kite mark. In an accident situation, the hat must neither slip forward (this could cause a broken nose), nor back (this could cause a broken neck). Hat covers should be black or navy silk, or velvet. Coloured silks are only permissible for X-Country or ‘fun’ activities.  Please read The Hat Rule link. It is vitally important for your own safety, and insurance, that your hat meets the requirements. You must not attend any Pony Club activity unless you have an approved hat and it has been “tagged” (see Contact Us page for how to get the hat tagged)

Hair: Long hair should be neatly tied up above the collar and in a hairnet.

Dress: Plain long sleeved white shirts with collars and PC tie. Plain jodhpurs (dark or beige) with jodhpur boots with chaps or clips. PC sweatshirt. If an anorak is worn, make sure there are no draw strings with toggles that could get caught up in an accident. Long sleeved SUPC polo shirts may also be worn for all rallies (except XC) and short sleeved polos for all flat work only rallies.

Medical armband: Compulsory at all times

Body protector: Compulsory for XC and highly recommended for all other rallies and training sessions. (see Body Protector Rule link). Regarding Air Jackets: The Pony Club rule now states “If a rider chooses to wear an air jacket in Cross Country or Pony Racing it must only be used in addition to a normal body protector”.  An air jacket may be worn for other disciplines without a body protector. See Pony Club website

No jewelery, even studs.  No brightly coloured girths or other accessories.

Side reins are not permitted to ride in, only daisy reins running from the bit up through browband and to the ‘D’ rings on saddle, or a shop-bought daisy rein.

Boots that have a heavy tread and grooved sole (like the Mountain Rider and some other makes) are NOT permitted at all as the foot cannot slip out of the iron.

Spurs may only be worn with the permission of the DC

X Country – rallies/training sessions or at camps – it is a branch rule that a shirt and tie or stock are worn for all XC sessions. This is to give some protection to the neck in the event of an accident

Stable Management Rallies: Jodhpurs, boots, sweatshirts or polo shirts (long or short sleeved), with tied up hair and no jewellery

Pony Club Tests: Jackets should be worn for all tests. Plaiting of ponies is optional at C level but mandatory for B test.

Competitions:  Read the rules of the particular discipline carefully to note regulations regarding dress and tack allowed. If in doubt, ask advice from the team organisers.

The complete Pony Club rules on dress are available in the Pony Club Rule Book