Tuesday December 5, 2023
For National Pony Club updates and information please go to pcuk.org

If there is a PC Team competition and Individual competition, please contact the relevant Team Manager before entering even if wanting to go as an individual.  Sometimes, if you enter direct, your entry won’t be accepted so the team manager will be able to advise you.  See Team Managers  page for their contact details.

Please see the attached document for more details on competing in teams.

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Download Competitive Results and Points Form


A guide to payment for Team entries


As several MINI team riders have now moved up to novice we are keen to encourage new and existing members to join the MINI Teams. We have several indoor show jumping competitions coming up and the eventing season will soon be with us. Come and get involved its lots of fun.  Mini and Mini Mini Teams General Information



The Pony Club rule now states “If a rider chooses to wear an air jacket in Cross Country or Pony Racing it must only be used in addition to a normal body protector”.  An air jacket may be worn for other disciplines without a body protector. See Pony Club website

This rule will be applied without exception to all area competitions.  By entering these competitions, members are agreeing to abide by the rules.  Any individual not so doing will not be allowed to ride and will forfeit their entry fee.


For Team Members requiring Cross Country colours:

Please contact Michaela Butt  michaela.butt@btinternet.com


Team Competitions and how to get started:

Surrey Union currently has children competing in teams at all levels and in most disciplines.  If you are interested in taking part for the first time at any level, or moving to a new level, and would like more information, please contact Rebecca Gibbs by email on becjgibbs@googlemail.com  giving details of what you are currently doing and what you are interested in, and she will be happy to help.  Team Managers contact details are under Contact Us on Team Managers page

Please don’t be shy, we would like to encourage more members to take part and feel that some people may not volunteer as they are unsure of what’s involved and how to get started. We are always delighted to have new applicants.

More information about competing in Tetrathlon is in a document of the Tetrathlon page

Mini and Mini Mini Teams General Information


Attention all parents with children who wish to part in teams!

  • Check your emails very regularly
  • If you receive an invitation to compete, please reply IMMEDIATELY with YES, NO or even DON’T KNOW WILL REPLY ASAP 
  • This will verify your email address to us and confirm that the message has not been spammed.

It takes a lot of time putting teams together and this will save phone calls and chasing people up.