Tuesday December 5, 2023
For National Pony Club updates and information please go to pcuk.org


If you would like to take a test or you think you are ready for the next test please contact Katie Banfield as we will be running lots of courses & tests over the summer banfieldkatie@yahoo.co.uk

Please see the Pony Clubs Guidelines for Tests




D and D+ Test:  

D test candidates need to be approx 7 or 8 years old and to have attended at least 4 working rallies (camp counts as one rally).  The Road Rider Mini Achievement Badge is a prerequisite before taking the D Test. There will be an opportunity to take this badge and D test at mini and midi camp.  D+ candidates to be at least 9 or 10 years old.  The syllabus can be viewed from the main PC website. 



C Test and above:   For advice and information, please contact Trudi Eustance,  (Contact Us)    B Test may now be taken in two parts and in different years.

No-one will be entered for any Tests unless they have attended relevant training sessions and the instructors agree that they are ready for the Test.  If you are unsure about any aspect of the Test Structure, please call Trudi for advice; she is very happy to help.


Please look at the Area website for B Test and above training.  Anyone interested in attending please email Charmian Stow on charmian.stow@btinternet.com


THE PONY CLUB UKCC    You can read about the UK Coaching Certificate on the Pony Club website (click here)