Wednesday November 29, 2023
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Tribute to Rachel Fardon

By Helen Dart, DC

I was privileged to work for Rachel (Miss Fardon) at Dorking Riding School when I was 17 years old where I learnt valuable life skills and standards which I still use today. Rachel had been involved with the Pony Club for numerous years.  I remember at the age of 12 going to a Pony Club Quiz at Dorking Riding School.  Rachel had the Institute of the Horse exam, the highest equine qualification at that time and her knowledge of horses was incredible and she loved teaching all ages, passing on her passion for horses.

Rachel was on the main PC Committee for over 50 years as the taker of the minutes, where she recorded everything in shorthand for posterity.  She edited the Holiday Programme since I was DC, correcting my spelling and grammar – a huge task in itself!  Rachel attended the meetings driving herself in her beloved car.  Last year, unbeknown to her, she had a member of the committee following behind to make sure she got home safely! Rachel was a fantastic President of our branch, a role she embraced, attending prize givings, rallies, camp, BBQs and quizzes. This year at Prize Giving, she was given the Supporters’ Award, which was presented to her while she was in hospital.  She was so pleased to receive this and it was richly deserved. Rachel was also given the Cubitt Award, a national award given for over 25 years service to the Pony Club.  She also received her Long Service Bar.

Rachel enriched the lives of everybody who knew her with her wisdom, knowledge and sense of fairness.  She was a great lady and we are all going to miss her wise counsel.

Dorking Riding School

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Dorking Riding School