Sunday March 29, 2020
Friends of Mawari – Bit Donation Scheme
A locally run horse organisation is calling upon all horse riders and owners to have a spring clean and dig out their old or unwanted horse or pony bits.

‘Friends of Marwari / Kathiawari Horse UK’ was formed to promote and help bring worldwide awareness of these 2 unique breed of Indian horse, commonly known as the ones with curly touching ears, which can only be found in the desert regions of India. Many of these majestic horses, which are considered divine, are ridden in severe home made ‘snaffle’ bits that are commonly used in India, these are often crudely filed, with sharp shapes on the mouthpiece (spikes and rowels) and as such cause immense suffering and injury to the animal. It is often a lack of education or knowledge by the owner, not a deliberate choiceto hurt their steed.

It is with this knowledge that the ‘Friends’ have devised the BIT DONATION SCHEME and formed associations with influential and respected Indian horse traders, breeders and farmers, who understand the importance of good horsemanship, and in time it is hoped that they can, in turn, educate their buyers and fellow horse owners into an alternative, kinder, way of bitting their horses.

UK Chairman Caroline Moorey said:

“It is our hope that the more conventional bits we can circulate within the horse community in India then the more chance there is of a horse or pony not going through the suffering of having a crudely filed homemade bit put in their mouth.”

“We have been careful to choose and research a scheme that we know will work, now we need your snaffle bits (old or new) of 4½ , 4 ¾ & 5 inch width only as these breeds have small mouths. Can you DO YOUR BIT and donate today?”


If you can help, please bring your bits to the collection point at

the Swansea Pony Club Clubhouse.

Many thanks

To find out more about the scheme please visit: