Monday September 27, 2021
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Area competitions are held every year to be able to compete at an area competition you need to have attended 3 working rallies from sept till date of competition one of these rallies must be day rally. If you attend residential camp or summer camp it classes as 1 day rally.

You also need to attend training session’s to be eligible.

Dressage one session and then one on grass close to competition date

Show Jumping one session then one near competition date

Eventing one flat / show jump session and a cross country session

Juniors have to be 12 and under on the 1st of Jan

Show jumping heights Junior’s 1st round 80cm

Novice 1st round 90cm

Intermediate 1st round 100cm

Open 1st round 110cm

Eventing heights Junior SJ 85cm XC 80cm

Novice SJ 95cm XC 90cm

Intermediate SJ 105cm XC 100cm

Open SJ 115cm XC 100cm

These are just some basic rules for area competitions there are rule books available Sarah Harris-tucker and myself both have copies if anyone would like to have a look please contact me. They are also available online on the main pony club website