Wednesday October 17, 2018

Tetrathlon is a pony club discipline involving shooting, running, and swimming. The riding element is over a cross-country course including a gate and slip rail. The athletic events are usually spaced out with an hour between each event.


Shooting practice and running training

Please see dates below for competitions and shoot training. We are very lucky that Bowden Farm are kind enough to let us use their garage space. There is a flat fee for the shooting training to cover the cost of materials. £20. Younger members are welcome to come and practise bean bag throwing too.

Burbage – Bowden Farm- 3:30-5:00-Fridays PM – unless change stated.

Thursday 4th January 3:00-5:00pm

Friday 12th     January 3:30-5:00pm

Thursday 25th January 3:30-5:00pm

Friday 9th February 4:00-5:30pm

Friday 23rd February 3:30-5:00pm

Friday 9th March 3:30 -5:00pm

Friday 23rd March 3:30-5:00pm


Remember to enter in to a tetrathlon/triathlon to shoot  (age over 8 on 1st Jan) you need to have taken part in at least 3 shooting sessions and been passed as competent and safe to compete.

Flat rate- £20 for one or all sessions. Cheques payable to Tedworth PC. Email if expecting to join at one or more.
Competition Dates

Spring Tetrathlons


There are 2 tetrathlons coming up this Spring:

April 28th and 29th (Sat AM – riding, including a hunter trial in the afternoon,  Sun-tri phase) New Forest Pony Club host a fabulous 2 day event nr Lymington. There is camping available for those who wish.

At this event, they have also included a non-competitive introduction to tetrathlon, where entrants will have the chance to attempt a tetrathlon, can jump a course of their choice, shoot or throw bean bags, run, swim and get a score but not be in an actual competition. There is further information about this on their website.

Please let let Lucy Palmer know by April 6th with payment for New Forest (note on schedule information re BACs payment)


Sunday May 20th Sandroyd School (15 mins South of Salisbury) host a one day event for up to 14 and under. Entries to Lucy by 30th April.   Tedworth Pony Club did very well at this event last year.


With entry, please include: Name, age 1st Jan 2018, D of B, pony name, run/swim times. If the child wants to jump a lower height XC.


tet schedule 2018  Sandroyd-tetrathlon-schedule-2018v2    Intro to tet


Members interested should email



Tetrathlon was first introduced into Pony Club to encourage more boys to join. This comprises of 4 events, shooting, running, swimming and cross country riding and many Pony Club Tetrathletes have gone onto represent GB in Pentathlon.

Please see our Tedworth success page to keep up to date with results.

Tetrathlon involves 4 elements:

  1. Riding over fixed obstacles (XC) includes slip rail and gate.
  2. Shooting– with air pistol at turning targets.
  3. Swimming – for specific time as far as is possible.
  4. Running – usually XC and individually or more recently in groups of 8 +

The idea of tetrathlon is to test the all-round ability of a competitor; in the saddle, at the ranges, in the pool and running a fixed distance. Unlike a conventional triathlon each element is undertaken in its own time, usually an hour between each phase. It is the pre-cursor to modern pentathlon which includes fencing as the fifth element.

During the winter, when the ground is too wet for XC riding, there are many events where the non-riding elements are tested.

The Tedworth Pony Club has been successful in many competitions with one member competing at the national triathlon finals in 2014 (9th individual).

Swimming, running and riding elements are practised by members when they can. Shooting training takes place most Thursdays at a venue near Pewsey.

Any members interested should contact:

Lucy Palmer ( 07751 193 811

Tetrathlon Point system-

Age as 1st Jan

Intermediate – 21 years and under

Junior             – 14 years and under

Minimus          – 11 years and under

(All Pony Club ages taken from 1st January)

Running- In Tetrathlon, runners either go off at one minute intervals over a carefully measured course and each competitor’s time is measured, or a group are set off together, but each runner gets an individual  time. A bogey time is set for the course and for each second over or under that time a number of points are deducted from or added to 1,000 points.

Distances                                                               Bogey time (score 1000 points: shown below)
Boys Open- 3000m                                                Open Boys- 10mins 30 seconds
Boys Intermediate- 1500m                                  Intermediate Boys- 7 mins 0 seconds
Girls Open and Intermediate- 1500m              Open and Intermediate Girls- 5mins 20 seconds

Juniors- 1500m                                                     Junior Boys and Girls- 5 mins 40 seconds
Minimus- 1000m                                                  Minimus Boys and Girls- 4 mins

Maximum points = 1400

If clear and within bogey time (usually only section of course which includes gate and slip rail) – The riding phase usually takes place over fixed cross country fences however Arena jumping can be used as a substitute. Where possible Tetrathlon Courses always include a gate to open and close mounted, and a slip rail at which the competitor dismounts, takes down the rail, leads his pony or horse through, replaces the rail and remounts. Since Tetrathlon courses should test the ability of the rider rather than that of the mount, it would be a pity to leave these two obstacles out.

Maximum Heights
Open- 1.10m
Intermediate- 1.00m
Junior- 91cms
Minimus- 76cms