Monday July 6, 2020
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Point Books

Awards: Bronze 1500 pts,   PC Whoopsie

Silver 3000 pts,  

Gold 5000 pts

Points Book wording & form 2020

Points will be the same for all ages

Mounted rallies/Training: All Day 150 pts,  1-2hrs 75 pts
Un-mounted Rallies/Training (inc Shooting) 50 points
Camp 500 points
Helping at Branch Activities **NEW** 50 points

Tests Passed

E 50 points D       100 points
D+ 150 points C 200 points
C+ 250 points B 300 points


Mini Badges 25 points
Achievement badges 50 points
Competition Badges 75 points


Tetcott & S.Tetcott Branch Competitions

Taking part as an Individual  200 points, Win 500pts, Placed 2nd-4th 400pts
Taking part as a Team Member 150 points, Win 300pts, Placed 2nd-4th 200pts

Other PC Branch Competitions

Taking part as an Individual   150 points, Win 250pts, Placed 2nd-4th 200pts
Taking part as a Team Member 100 points, Win 150pts, Placed 2nd-4th 100pts

Representing Branch at Area Competitions (incl. Dengie)

Individual          250pts Win 400pts Placed 2nd-4th 300pts
Team Member    200pts Win 350pts Placed 2nd-4th 250pts

Representing Branch at Championships (incl Dengie) 

Individual         500pts Win 800 pts Placed 2nd-4th 600pts
Team Member   400pts Win 700pts Placed 2nd-4th 500pts

(Teams must be Tetcott & S.Tetcott members only)

Trail Hunting 100pts per meet (maximum of 1000pts)