News | 6 February 2024


Endurance Riding

As the weather warms up so does the wish to start riding for longer and getting to see some of our wonderful countryside close up. Endurance riding really develops the partnership between horse and rider whilst making the most of some beautiful venues, plus you have to involve some friends / parents to be part of your “crewing team”. The sense of achievement when you finish the ride and pass the vet is far greater than any 2 minute show jumping round I can assure you. Best of all, any horse or pony that is fit enough can do it – so what are you waiting for give it a try! I have outlined the process to getting started below:


  1. PC Hacking challenge – sign up on the PC website for this its a great starting point and if you gain over 100  miles before August and you are over 8 years old you can enter the PC Novice UK Championship Class at the end of the summer.
  2. Obtain a PC Endurance mastercard from the PC website (essential for recording ride information)
  3. Try Dunston rides (21st April, 19th May, 16th June and 21st July) all have one ride at 5 miles and one at 10 miles. Hopefully I will be present at some of them and can see you trot up at the start and finish and do your ponies heart rates to fill in your PC mastercards.
  4. Join EGB as a PC member its free of charge and if you are under 12 find an adult who can accompany you on your qualifying rides (if they are not a member of EGB they will need to register as well, 1 adult can accompany 2 children). I freely admit I hate the EGB website and its not easy but the EGB office is great at answering queries.
  5. Enter Lavenham PC Endurance Sunday 2nd June and Kings Forest Sunday 30th June at the appropriate level


Level 1 Lead Rein Age 5 and over, can have unmounted adult, distance under 10km and can be on lead rein

Level 2  Grass Routes Age 8 and over, can have unmounted adult, distance 10-19km (complete at less than 12kmph)

Level 3 Novice Age 8 and over, mounted adult, distance 20-29km (8-12kmph completion speed)

Level 4 Intermediate Age 8 and over, mounted adult, distance 30-39km (8-13kmph completion speed)

Level 5 Open Age 11 and over, mounted adult, distance 40km + including vet hold, (10-15kmph completion speed)


  1. Gain your qualification rides for the championships at Well Vale, Lincolnshire 23rd August. Lets try and get a club team up there! All the distances are a bit longer than the ones stated above for the finals.


The rules are complicated and it takes a bit of getting use to but the basics are simple you need a fit pony, lots of water to throw over the horse, basic map reading skills and some friends to help you. You will need to practice trotting your pony up correctly in hand for the start and finish veterinary assessments and your pony will need to have its heart rate taken – this must be under 64 beats per minute within a set period of time after crossing the finish line. The real plus points are you don’t have to jump, you don’t have to remember a dressage test and you certainly don’t have to plait! If you want to know more and I can help in any way give me a call. Jack after his success last year intends to compete at Intermediate level this year. As an idea Jack and Crackers managed 35km at an average speed of 10.8kmph last year.


Hannah Kelly (07876 251493)

Volunteering at  The JCB Pony Club Championships 

9th-17th August 2024

Would you like to join us back at Offchurch Bury in Warwickshire on August 9th-17th 2024 to volunteer at the Championships?

We would love to welcome you back to join in the fun! The volunteer website will be live shortly so you can pick your role – this year the process will be streamlined to make it much smoother.

Please save the dates in your diary and  we will be in touch VERY soon.