Monday September 23, 2019
Welcome to Tickham Hunt Pony Club

The Tickham Hunt Branch of the Pony Club was established in 1937.  We are a small pony club that likes to keep things fun and friendly! We look to provide quality instruction to underpin the range of competitive and non-competitive interests of our members and help them to get the most out of their horses and ponies. We like to get out and about competing in a range of disciplines and encourage and support our members to compete in teams and as individuals, at all levels.

 Half Term Update!

Eaglesfield Teem SJ



7 Tickham members survived several heavy hailstorms, a puncture and persuaded a pony that they did want to go in the trailer to compete at the North West Kent PC show jumping competition.

The day started early with our trio of boys, George, Leo and Toby taking 3rd place as a team in the 65cm class. A quick change of ponies for George and Toby and the addition of Grace (representing Tickham for the first time), meant they were ready for the 75cm course. All 3 riders put in fast double clears and then we waited, had chips and waited for the rest of the class. The wait was worth it, team Tickham  took 2nd place. Leo, jumping as an individual, secured 5th place too.

The next class was the Dengie 80cm qualifier. Jess and Jemima were jumping as individuals. Jess was first to go in the class and went as fast as she dared and went clear. Jemima warmed up and had to have few stern words with Sonny! Jemima put in a determined round and was unlucky to have a pole, so sadly was out of the placings. Jess was luckier, she took 1st place and has qualified for the next round.

Immy Sims was next to arrive at Eaglesfield with her new horse, for the Dengie 90cm qualifier. Again Jess was drawn first to go in the class, and went clear. Immy went a little later, and was very pleased with her new boy, who just had one pole to end on 4 faults. Jess came 3rd and has qualified for the next round, as they take the top 4 through to the next round in March.

The last class of the day was the 1m, and sadly the team had depleted down to just Jess, however Jess kept the Tickham name in the ribbons and won the class. This was a fantastic set of results from Tickham for the start of half term. Well done all you ponies, riders and parents. Thank you to North West Kent Pony Club for running a successful event and finishing ahead of schedule.

Thursday – Area quiz

Our Tickham team headed off to Wimbledon to compete in the annual area team quiz. Jemima, Libby, Immy and Jessica H had an early start! They were quizzed on their knowledge for 10 rounds of questions from horse diseases, to items found in the tack room to the pony club around the world. Again they did Tickham proud and finished in 11thplace. The points were close, just  missing 10th place by ½ a mark. Well done girls and their mascot Patricia the Penguin (those on the Olympia trip may remember meeting Patricia!)

Saturday Rally

Congratulations to Toby and George who passed a new badge called colours and markings.

Mounted Games Report

Our junior team of George, Leo, Toby, Emily and Jessica have started the season very well. They competed indoors at Bodium and finished 2nd.

The senior team of Jess, Libby, Immy, Harry and Charlotte also went to Bodium in February and finished 3rd.

Well done Tickham.