Thursday December 7, 2023
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Dressage is about training your horse through the scales of training.  This means that you can get on your pony and show the judge that you are able to tell your pony where to go and what to do when you want him to do it.

When you compete in a dressage test, you will have to complete a range of movements around the school at different markers.

However, dressage isn’t just for doing tests.  It is also important for your jumping and cross country as it allows you to have control over your pony’s tempo, rhythm and speed.  And know that if you miss a stride or have to create one, your pony will understand exactly what you are asking of them. 


We hold regular dressage rallies as well as a yearly dressage competition, which are open to all.


If you are interested in competing on a team then you can aim for the Area Competition which is for Novice, Intermediate and Open level and leads to qualification to the Nationals for winning teams and individuals.  There is also a section for Grassroots riders with the top 4 teams gaining qualification to the Regional Finals.


To see when the next rally is please go to the diary page or contact Jo at for more information.