Thursday December 7, 2023
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On Sunday August 11 we had a fun afternoon of practising mounted games.  For some of our younger members it was their first time seeing the equipment and having a go at the games.  We were all having a fabulous time and just about to set up our teams, when the very dark threatening cloud decided that was the right time to dump all of its rain on us.  We were going to Carry on and Keep riding, in true British style but after about 5 minutes we all decided that food and being dry was the much better option!

By the time we walked the ponies back up to the lorries and boxes the rain had disappeared and brilliant sunshine shone.  We decided BBQ was still the best option and put all of the ponies away.

It was a fantastic, relaxed afternoon where new and old members were able to socialise and put faces to names. Graham BBQ’ed like a champion and even got to wear his new BBQ apron.  We feel he also needs a hi vis jacket that says parking attendant, as he stacked all horse boxes and lorries on the yard perfectly!

The children enjoyed playing in the den, on the trampoline and down the slide.  There was a game of tag and the chickens even joined in!  As you can see from the photos, there were riding boots strewn everywhere but I am assured they all found the right person to go home with.  It really was the perfect end from 2 days of Pony Club rallies and fun.  And in true British Summer weather, the sun shone for the rest of the afternoon!






26th July 2019

Beach social and Beach Badge

After the blistering heat on Thursday, the weather was kinder to us as we headed down to Leysdown-on-sea for our first Pony Club social of the Summer holidays.  Everyone enjoyed a relaxed picnic on the green – to make sure we didn’t get sand in our sandwiches! – and then we headed down to the sea shore.  Luckily the tide was out, so it gave use plenty of space to spread out.

Our group was 20 strong and it was great to see Jane, who we haven’t seen since Mini’s camp.  We miss you Jane!  All of the children enjoyed discussing beach safety and how they would know if it was the right beach to ride on.  All of the children learn a lot and earned their beach badge. Many of the children have decided that there is a pony club beach ride in the not to distant future… Mum’s and dad’s be warned!

After the badge all of the children enjoyed swimming in the sea.  The water was lovely and warm and the children enjoyed splashing each other and frolicking in the sea.

Our next Pony Club social is Mounted Games and a BBQ at Little Hazel St Farm on August 11th.  It would be lovely to see everyone there!