Monday May 17, 2021
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Area eventing

Area Eventing 2017

Area eventing was held at Pembrey this year everyone enjoyed and amazingly it was a dry day!

The mini team consisted of Sioned and Megan Lewis and Amy Sibley. Sioned was drafted in to make up a mini team. Amanda and Maddy Adams kindly lent the lovely Holly to Sioned, who enjoyed the ride and beamed around the SJ and XC. They did well, decent dressage, clear SJ and Clear XC.

Amy and her lovely pony Brandy did an excellent test. Unfortunately Amy had a sat nav issue in the SJ but it was still a lovely round, they went on to go clear XC.

Megan and Frog did a good dressage but during the SJ Megs decided to liven things up by jumping the second part of a double on Frogs neck!! Needless to say they parted company, in Megans words “ oh why did I do that!” No harm done but they were not allowed XC.

The grassroots team consisted of Hatty and Menna Francis and Hannah Warren.

Both Hatty and Menna did lovely tests especially as they were in arenas next to each other at the same time and it was Troys first time being a dressage diva however both ponies kept their concentration. Hatty had a pole SJ then stormed round the XC to go clear. Menna had a couple of poles SJ, neither Puzzle or Menna had tackled  this height before so they did brilliantly, they also stormed clear round the XC.

Hannah rode a beautiful dressage test but unfortunately had a sat nav issue in the SJ.  They are a new combination and have had a great first season together.

Our intermediate team of Maddy Adams, Alys Phillips & Merlin Kennett had a really good day. All had respectable dressage scores, a couple of poles between them in the SJ phase and then all clear XC. The team won the competition and qualified for the PC Championships.

We also had 2 individual members competing

Connor and his lovely pony Wizard had a good dressage, couple of poles SJ and then flew round the XC clear, well done Connor.

Ffion and her gorgeous red headed mare Roxy had a good day again storming round the XC clear, well done Ffion.


Eventing Championships

Bad news before the day of the eventing competition. Kudos, Alys Phillip’s horse went down with colic and so poor Alys had to withdraw. Such a shame for her especially as she was already at Cholmondeley to do SJ and had to travel home as Maddy & Merlin were arriving to join her for the eventing.

We competed on day 5 and due to the wet weather and volume of traffic before us, ground conditions were awful. Every effort was being made by the organisers to keep this under control. Arenas were being raked and rolled at regular intervals but the warm up areas were like ploughed fields and the parking areas were jammed up with people being towed out by tractors.

Dressage first. Maddy did a respectable test scoring 38.8.  Amanda catching sight of Merlin doing his, had a small panic that Maddy had done the wrong test as Merlin appeared to be doing something completely different. Not the case, just a very explosive test from Connie who was in XC mode and cantering when she should have been trotting etc. Just relieved Merlin managed to stay on and keep her in the arena scoring 46.3.

Show jumping next at just after 2pm. We saw Ella Sutton from St Davids PC on her way back at 11.30 who said ‘’don’t worry, you won’t lose your way in the SJ, just follow the trench’’. Needless to say, the arena was awful when we went to jump over 2 hours later. Maddy did really well to only get 4 poles on Tess who was struggling with the deep going. Merlin now finding Connie’s over enthusiasm to his advantage, just had 1 pole.

Cross country, the bit we had been waiting for. Lovely course, long, exciting, plenty of galloping and combinations to keep you on the ball. Maddy did a fab round, clear and within the time. Merlin also did a fab round, clear but with 3.2 time faults for going too fast. Connie just proving she could keep the over enthusiasm going all day!