Monday May 17, 2021
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Family Show

Family Show 2016  

Anthony Reynolds, equestrian photographer with over 26 years of experience photographing some of the…

A lovely Show this year, well organised by Tracy Maczka. We had beautiful weather and some faces from the past back to judge the Showing Classes. Many thanks to Freda Rogers and Helen Bell. Tivyside Riding Club kindly lent us their working hunter jumps, so we had sufficient equipment to run Clear Round all day, along with Showing, Working Hunter, Novelty Classes and Show Jumping.

A big thank you to all our judges, parents and older members who helped with the Show. Without your time and hard work, it would not be possible to run these fundraising events.
Also thanks to our Show sponsors, Clydey Cottages, Stable Corner Saddlery and Matthew Greenland Ltd.
Perpetual trophie winners
The Chips trophy  Alis Evans
David Davies Farm Supplies Cup   Soffia Cynwyl
Coralie Humfrey Challenge Cup  Soffia Cynwyl
Dudley Davies Challenge Cup  Cari James
Howell Davies Challenge Cup  Soffia Cynwyl
Pritchard-Cowburn Optegydd Shield  Cari James
The Cardigan Rug Wash Shield  Millie Davies  (sash + rosette sponsored by Clydey Cottages)
                                                           Soffia Cynwyl (reserve sash + rosette sponsored by Clydey Cottages)
Perpetual trophy for Champion Working Hunter  Soffia Cynwyl (sash + rosette sponsored by Stable Corner)
                                                                                 Millie Davies (reserve sash = rosette sponsored by Stable Corner)
The Show Jumping sashes and rosettes sponsored by Matthew Greenland Ltd. for most points accumulated in the SJ classes were awarded to
Angharad Morris   junior
Lianne Davies   senior


Family Show 2015

A brand new schedule this year with lots of extra prizes on offer. All first prize winners in the showing classes recieved trophies, generously sponsered by “Mansel Davis and Son”. We also had beautiful sashes and rosettes for all our champions and reserves in showing, working hunter, and the showjumping kindly sponsored by “Potato Paradise”. There were also prizes for the novelty classes, donated by “Thermatex”. Entries were down this year- maybe the timing was a little late in the year as Cardigan Bay Riding Club’s Show the day before was quieter than they had expected. Although the show wasn’t as well attended as we had hoped, we still made a tidy profit, and everyone said it was a lovely show and how much they had enjoyed themselves.

Many thanks to our sponsors, judges and stewards, the Davies family for organising the schedule and the show, to Louise our course builder, Liz for doing the entries, Melaine for doing the raffle, Jane James who kept all of our judges fed, and to everyone else who helped set up,clear up and made donations of food and prizes.

Tivyside perpetual cup winners;

The Chips Trophy – Elin Evans

David Davies Farm Supplies Cup – Sophia Cynwyl

Coralie Humfrey Perpetial Challenge – Georgia James

Howell Davies Challenge Trophy – Cari Toft

Nelson Love Seeds Trophy – Millie Davies

Cardigan Rug Wash Shield – Georgia James

Pritchard – Cowburn Optegydd Shield – Cari James

Working Hunter Rose Bowl – Millie Davies

Junior Showjumping Champion – Grace Morris

Senior Showjumping Champion – Adam Carlile


Lead Rein   1 Elen Evans

First Ridden   1 Soffia Cynwyl  2 Ruth Maczka  3 Cari Toft

Best Rider 16yrs&under  1Georgia James  2Cari James 3Cari Toft 4Anna Parkes

Pony Club Pony  1Cari Toft  2Georgia James 3Anna Parkes 4Cari James 5Millie  Davies

Riding Club Horse  1Millie Davies 2Elin Jenkins 3Sarah Mathias

Show Hunter Pony  1Georgia James 2Millie Davies 3Catherine Crayford

Show Pony  1Catherine Crayford

Ridden Hunter  1Millie Davies  2Sarah Mathias

Ridden Cob  1Elinor  Rees 2Rebecca Lamb 3Hannah Warren

Part bred Welsh/Arab  1Millie Davies  2Rebecca Lamb 3Elinor Rees 4Hannah Warren

Ridden Coloured/Palamino/Dun/Spotted  1Georgia James  2Ellie Harris

Veteran  1Jessica Moss  2Elin Jenkins

M&M in hand  1Henri Cynwyl  2Millie Davies

M&M ridden  1Rebecca Lamb 2Elen Evans 3Soffia Cynwyl 4Charlie Head

WH Novice  1Millie Davies 2Louise Mear 3Rebecca Lamb 4ElinJenkins 5Sioned Lewis

WH Tiny Tots  1Soffia Cynwyl

WH 13hh & under  1Georgia James 2Louise Mear 3Menna Francis 4Amy Sibley

WH 13-15hh  1Millie Davies  2Hatty Francis

WH over 15hh  1Elin  Jenkins

M&M WH  1Louise Mear  2RebeccaLamb  3CariToft  4Soffia Cynwyl

Best turned out-plaited  1Jessica Moss 2Ruth Maczka 3Henri Cynwyl 4SarahMathias

-unplaited 1ElenEvans 2Charlie Bakewell  3Tyler Hoyland

Young Handler-under 12  1Charlie Bakewell 2Catherins Crayford 3Lessi Morley

12-16yrs  Ellie Harries

Family Horse/Pony   1Sarah Mathias 2Cari james/Helen Harries  3 Charlie Bakewell

Handsomest Gelding  1LessiMorley 2RuthMaczka 3Henri Cynwyl 4Charlie Bakewell 5SarahMathias 6Rebeccalamb

Prettiest Mare  1Ellie Harries 2CharlieBakewell 3Jessica Moss 4Cari james 5ElenEvans 6MennaFrancis

Thelwell lookalike 1Tyler Hoyland 2Islwyn George 3Lessi Morley 4CharlieBakewell

Best mane/tail  Charlie Bakewell

Pony most like owner  1Elen evans  2Charlie Bakewell

Pony judge would take home  1CharlieBakewell  2Elen Evans

Fancy Dress  Lessi Morley


45cm 1HafwenRees 2Celt Rees 3MennaFrancis 4RuthMaczka

60cm 1Connor Carlile 2Rogan Cox 3Hattie francis 4MennaFrancis 5 Amy sibley 6Cari james

70cm 1Grace Morris 2Rufus Cox 3Menna Francis 4Cari James 5Wmffra George

senior  Christine Selby

75cm  1GraceMorris 2Hattie Francis 3Cari Toft 4Rufus Cox 5Anna Parkes 6Wmffra George

senior 1Christine Selby 2Giles Hawkins

80cm  1GraceMorris 2Hattie Francis 3Cari Toft

senior 1Christine Selby 2Giles Hawkins

Mini/Major  1Merlin Kennett & Cari james  2Beth Lewis & Sioned Lewis 3Adam Carlile & Connor Carlile

90cm 1Merlin Kennett 2Cari Toft

senior 1AdamCarlile 2Beth lewis

1m 1Merlin  Kennett  senior 1Adam Carlile 2Beth Lewis

1.05m  1 merlin kennett    senior 1Adam Carlile 2Beth Lewis

Family Show 2014

A fabulous show this year and  very successful with lots of entries in the show classes and show jumping. Thanks to the Kennett family for all their hard work, the competitors and to Teveryone who helped

Trophy winners:

Best Rider 12 & under            Georgia James

Best Rider 13 & over              Merlin Kennett

PC Pony 13.2 & under            Cari Toft

PC Pony over 13.2                  Millie Davies

Champion of these classes      Cari Toft and Reserve Georgia James

Working Hunter Champion    Millie Davies

Class Resulys

Lead Rein       1 Megan Watmough Shammy            2 Mason Burrows

First Pony        1 Nicole Palmer           2 Cari Toft Gretel       3 Amy Sibley Pixie

4 Ruth Maczka Dion  5 Louise Mear             6 Hafwen Rees

Best Rider 12 & under 1 Georgia James Millie          2 Nicole Palmer       3 Grace Morris Kym

4 Louse Mear              5 Sioned Lewis Heilo             6 Anna Parkes Comet

Best Rider 13 & over  1 Merlin Kennett         2 Catherine Howell

PC Pony 13.2 & under    1 Cari Toft Gretel               2 Nicole palmer   3 Georgia James Millie                               4 Louise Mear                5 Grace Morris Kym         6 Anna Parkes Comet

PC Pony over 13.2      1 Millie Davies Mojo  2 Merlin Kennett Connie

3 Catherine Howell Georgia               4 Lione Cruickshank

M & M Ridden           1 Nicole palmer           2 Georgia James Millie         3 Eleanor Sradwick

4 Megan Watmough Shammy 5 Menna Francis Frog 6 Lucy Dodson Charlie

Working Hunter

Not to exceed 133cm 1 Georgia James Millie            2 Louise Mear 3 Lowri Jones

4 Nicole Palmer                       5 Cari Toft Gretel

Ex. 143 but not ex. 153          1 Millie Davies            2 Lucy Dobson Charlie                                                                       3 Amy Turner

Ex. 153            1 Maddy Cain 2 Merlin Kennett Connie

Show Jumping These are just the junior results

45cms             1 Grace Morris            2 Hatty Francis           3 Amy Sibley

4 Cari James                5 Sioned Lewis           6 Hafwen Rees

55cms              1 George Nelson         2 Grace Morris            3 Hatty Francis

4 ??                              5 Sioned Lewis           6 Amy Sibley

60cms              1 Henry Nelson           2 Grace Morris            3 Hatty Francis

4 Georgia James          5 Georgie Millar          6 Elin Jenkins Splodge

75cms              1 Lucy Dobson – all the others were seniors

Pairs                1 Siri & Georgie          2 Sioned Lewis & Hatty Francis

Accumulator   1Merlin Kennett          2 Alys Phillips Kudos                        3 Lucy Dobson

4 Gabbi Wilton-Baker 5 Sioned Lewis Phoenix         6 Millie Davies

90cms              1 Merlin Kennett         2 Gabbi Wilton-Baker             3 Alys Phillips

1.00m              1 Suzanna Wilton-Baker         2 Merlin Kennett         3 Liane Edwards

4 Siri Nicolaysen         5 Alys Phillips

Handy Pony

1  Grace Morris Kym

2 Megan Watmough Shammy

3  Menna Francis  Pixie

4  Kathryn Howell Georgia

5  Merlin kennett Connie

6  Sally Howell Cariad

Family Show by jane & Meg 2013

Probably one of the most successful shows we’ve had in recent years. The weather was good and competitors were out in force from the start. Thanks to Liz who had a busy day taking all the entries and also handed out lots of forms to potential new members. This year saw the return of Working Hunter classes which brought a bit more variety to the showing ring. Alongside this a busy show jumping ring, dressage and also handy pony and games- I think we provided something for everyone.

Many thanks to Wendy Finucane and her steward who did a fantastic job judging. Also to Elin and Ben for judging the show jumping. Thanks to Melanie who organised another good raffle and to Jo, Adam and Beth who helped her sell the tickets. Also thanks to Dawn our course builder, Sharon Warren our dressage judge and to everyone else who helped make the show a success.

Trophy Winners                                                                        

First Ridden Georgia James

Best Best Rider 12 & under Georgia James

Best Rider 13 & over Merlin Kennett

PC Pony under 13.2hh Anna Parkes                                                                                     

PC horse/pony over 13.3hh Ffion Davies-Wigley

Show Champion Merlin Kennett

WH Champion Ffion Davies-Wigley

Ffion         Merlin

Ffion Champion WH                                           Merlin Show Champion


Georgia First Ridden Winner

First Ridden

First Ridden Class