Wednesday June 29, 2022
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Spring Camp


The format of camp is as follows.


See bellow, A Copy of last years schedule for all potential or current members who may be interested in next years camp:

VENUE Alps Court,Alps Quarry Road,Wenvoe, Cardiff CF5 6AA



ARRIVE 9.30am (Groom, Tack Up, Tack Inspection)

TUITION 10am-12pm

LUNCH 12.30 – 1pm

GAMES 1pm – 1:45pm

TUITION 2.00pm – 4.00pm



There will be five sessions of training over three days with competitions on Thursday afternoon (you will be required to wear shirt, pony club tie, & Show Jackets for the competition if you have them).Training sessions will include Dressage, Showjumping & X-Country.(Please ensure you wear back protectors, skull caps and long sleeves for x-country!!!)

Members will be divided into groups, you will be told which group you are in plus a schedule of your training for the duration of camp on your first morning. The allocation of members, instructors, and programme of events has been very carefully put together with the help of the instructors but please be aware that some activities may be weather dependant!!

The competitions on Thursday afternoon will start at 1pm – please invite family & friends to come and watch.Competitions will involve a dressage test (ie walk & trot or a prelim) and showjumping which will be a short course of jumps at different heights to cater for all abilities. No one will be asked to do anything they don’t want to do, after all we are all there to have fun !!!

NB Please note that those who wish to leave their trailers overnight (at your own risk) are quite welcome to do so. Could you please let me know ASAP whose ponies are staying overnight so that I can make arrangements.

A guide list of what to bring to camp is below:-


Pony Requirements

Headcollar & Leadrope

Saddle, Bridle etc (all must be clean) if using a martingale please ensure that the reins have martingale stops

Saddle Cloths or numnahs (navy/brown/black/white/red)

Boots and/bandages (Navy/brown/black/white)

Lightweight Turnout

Cooler/sweat rug

Feed bucket

Water bucket

Haynet (Haylage will be supplied for overnight ponies)

Feed (if your pony requires this)

Grooming kit including tack cleaning equipment and sponge to wash-down sweaty ponies

Your Requirements

Packed Lunch including drinks

Suntan cream (hopefully needed this year!)

Waterproof Coat (hopefully not needed!)

Red Polo Shirt

Beige/cream/navy/white Jodphurs

Red Sweatshirt

Shirt , Tie/stock  & Jacket for Thursday competitions

Riding Hat

Skull cap is compulsory for XC

Back protector is compulsory for XC

Long sleeves compulsory for XC

Boots & Gloves (don’t forget your pony club badge and Jodphur clips/chaps for short boots!!)

Crop/schooling whip (if needed)


This will include a safety check so please ensure that you tack stitching is in good condition.  EG. check the top of the stirrup leathers to ensure they are not coming unstitched, check stitching on girths, girth straps, etc.

The clearance of your boot in your stirrup irons should be at least one thumb either side.

Hats should be tagged with the new pony club white hat tag.  Please ensure that this is done prior to camp so that any hat issues can be identified.


If you have any queries please contact Sue Bacon on 07881 503705