Tuesday November 20, 2018

junior camp

Below are some write ups from children who attended a camp in 2017.

Senior Camp – Issy’s Report

My first ever VWH camp today, in fact my first anything as a VWH member – so to be honest I was pretty nervous! I needn’t have been though, everyone has been very kind and welcomed me and Rupert!

A little jump lesson was followed by equine yoga. To be honest I’m not sure I’m meant to bend in some of those places – but I can see how it may improve my balance and core strength.

Lunch from the Nosebag was delicious and had something for horse and rider, so everyone was catered for there too! I spent quite a lot of the day laughing, I consider that to be a pretty successful measure.

Thanks to all for a great day and making me so welcome, I’m looking forward to the rest of the week and I’m really looking forward to xc and can’t wait to go out to go out with the hounds!!

Thanks Issy & Rupert  🙂

Senior Camp – Hannie, Tilda and Mahony’s Report

We arrived at Wickstead Farm at 7:45am ready for hound exercising at 8:00am, we headed off with the ponies, hounds, field master (Susie) and the huntsman (Philip). After hound exercising we were given a delicious bacon bap from the famous Nosebag!

Today Jenna was away with Jaymee, who is our sixth member of the Pink Ride, at a dressage competition so we had a new instructor called Sarah Petit. We hope Jaymee did really well!

In the Pink Ride there are six of us, Daisy Amin, Mahony Knight, Hannie Maculan, Tilda Maculan, Serena O’Brien and Jaymee Savill. We are so lucky to all be together.

On the 2nd day we were all riding  grey ponies so we should have been called the grey ride. This morning we started in the outdoor arena practicing our jump off turns then we headed across to the cross country fields wondering when the bun run would find us! We jumped lots of big jumps and met Dan the photographer who took photos of us jumping together. Finally we got our buns when we were jumping the owl hole.

This afternoon we had a brilliant talk by Jonty Evans, he told about his horse Art and when he went to the Rio Olympics 2016 and Badminton this year.

Just before we went home everyone did some unmounted games and Pink ride were the best!!!

Hannie, Tilda and Mahony.

Junior Camp – Poppy’s Report

We arrived at Barnsey Park in the pouring rain. Took all our kit and ponies to the lines. I was in red ride, I am the only girl for one day, but I didn’t really mind because I know all of the four boys and another girl is coming into the group tomorrow but she was doing area dressage today.

Today I took my mummy’s pony Joey, I am taking my new pony Foxie tomorrow. My instructor is called Leanne, I am very lucky to have her. We started up doing dressage to warm them up playing some games, which was great fun. Then we did show jumping and did two courses of 80cm each. All ponies were good.

After that the buns arrived, they were so yummy. When the bun ladies left we were chasing them on our ponies demanding more buns!!!!!!!

After our very yummy stop we went to everyone’s favourite part – xc. We jumped everything and even did pairs. Then it was lunchtime, we were allowed to swim too. I didnt want to as I was cold from the rain but everyone else did. I sat under the tree with my friends and had lunch. After lunch we had an amazing demo from the galloping acrobats. It was vaulting with horses and this one horse called Casper can dance and do MATH sums. He thinks he is a big dog, so he was doing lots of dog tricks it was so cool. Some children had a go at the vaulting. After that we all went home very wet. I had a great day at camp and I can’t wait till tomorrow.

Love Poppy and Joey Amin

Camp Contacts

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