Sunday December 16, 2018



The VWH Hunt meet four days a week at 11 am from November through to April:

Monday – in the Cirencester area, Field Master Scarlett Howse, Field Secretary Tim Howse, occasional Master Mark Hill

Wednesday – in the Malmesbury area, Master Sophie Scruton, Field Secretary Simon and Emma Watkins

Thursday – in the Swindon area, Field Masters Guy Dibble and Susie Goess Saurau and Field Secretary Suzie Belsham

Saturday – in the Lechlade to Bibury area, Master Nick Philips and Field secretary Guy Dibble

Pony Club members are always welcome, they need to be either accompanied by an adult or be safe on their own. There are, however, always people who will look out for you. Children need to bring a cap (payment) of £15 (18 and under) £10 (12 and under) and give this to the Field Secretary. They should also have a mobile phone and/or contact details for whoever brings them.

The Hunt arrange 3 meets a year just for Pony Club members and these are called the Children’s Meets. Parents are welcome to come on horses and pay a reduced cap for the day, there are normally adults out with lead reins just in case, but these meets are tailored for children and the competent jockeys take it in turns to ride with the Huntsman and Whipper in.  It’s great fun and gives children lots of confidence riding across country.

The VWH Hunt Pony Club also awards the Hunting Certificate, children need to come hunting, pass a verbal and a gate opening test and visit the kennels. The annual kennels visit always takes place on the Sunday morning before Christmas, there is a treasure hunt and we always end up with mince pies and a little something for the adults!

For information on hunting or issues, or if you wish to take your Hunting Certificate please contact Liza Dibble 07785 983 265 & Penny Smallman 01285 720 676