Wednesday December 12, 2018

Tetrathlon Latest Information

You can start doing a form of tetrathlon from any age as long as you are a pony club member, but you are only allowed to shoot an air pistol when you are 8 years old. Most events will hold an under 8s competition where the shooting is either omitted or the children aim with beanbags. There is then a shortened run and swim.

General Information

The shooting phase involves shooting with air pistols at a target. Normally you have a practice target of 5 shots and then two competition targets of 5 shots each. The maximum score for this phase is 1000.

The swimming phase takes place in an indoor pool and each age group has to swim as far as they can in their allocated time. They can swim any stroke.

The running phase is a set distance for the age group and the aim is to complete it as fast as you can.

The riding phase makes up the tet of the tetrathlon (4 events). There are many more triathlons held particularly during the winter, but in the summer the riding phase is added and this awards a maximum of 1400 points so it is more heavily weighted than the other 3 phases. The aim is to jump clear within a set time completing a slip rail (mounting and dismounting) and opening and closing a gate. There are usually L options at the more challenging fences.


This is the first main class and is for children that are 8-9 years old on 1st January. The targets are normally static and the children shoot with two hands from 7metres. Swimming is for 2 minutes and the run is 1000 metres. The ride is in an enclosed arena over a variety of very low fences. Riders can be led but incur penalties for this.


This is for children who are 10 or 11 years old on 1st January.
The main change is that the targets are now turning ( 4 seconds to shoot). All other distances and times are the same as for the tadpoles. The riding is over a xc course about 70-80cm.


Juniors are children who are under 15 on 1st January. There is a Junior class at the championships and a Junior Regional competition.
At this level shooting is one handed, the swim is for 3 minutes, the run 1500m and the ride is 90cm.


The exact details of these two classes is to be updated in 2018.

The shoot is from 10 metres.The swim is 3 minutes for the girls and 4 minutes for the boys.The run is 1500metres for the girls and 3000metres for the boys. The ride is 100cm with high technicality.

Tetrathlon is a fantastic sport to be involved in as you don’t have to be brilliant at any individual phases and you can compete against yourself to gain improvement. People are put in teams where possible and there is a great team spirit.


If you are interested or just need more information, please contact Penny Hall on 01666 577900

Philli and Jemima pre run

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