Wednesday December 12, 2018
Accreditation Courses

Accreditation Courses 2017/18

For instructors and helpers

Please ensure you keep your instructor’s accreditation up to date. Pleasance Jewitt has already arranged for 3 more First Aid Courses for November, February and March. Information sheet and booking form here.

There will be a Safeguarding and Child Protection Course in November. Jackie McCormack has stepped down as Area 9 presenter of Safeguarding of children courses. Is there anyone who would like the job? It is paid but you would need to come from a background of knowledge in this area and be prepared to go on a course at Stoneleigh.

There is a very helpful D and D+ Assessors Workshop on Friday 6th October, see flyer here.

Also a Branch Official Training Course on 13th December, see flyer here.

Courses will be put on the Area 9 website under Adult training for future reference.

Please let Rhona know if you would like to attend any of the dates.