Thursday May 23, 2019
Rally Information

Important Reminder for Rally Bookings

On the whole the system works but this is the FIRMEST REMINDER that members should book with the rally organiser a week before, the reason being that numbers and instructors have to be catered for, and the cost balanced. If unable to attend you must inform the organiser. You are responsible for overheads if your place is not filled. Please ensure that you do not arrive late and hold up organisers, the rides and instructors. Be mounted and ready to start at the stated time.

Rally Activity Report Form


It is essential that you:

  • Booking must be done by the cut off date stated on our website, at least five days beforehand. This is important: to work out the numbers, to address the costs, to make sure it is worthwhile for the instructor and organiser.
  • If unable to attend you MUST inform the organiser in good time and remember that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OVERHEADS IF YOUR PLACE IS NOT FILLED
  • Please ensure that you do not arrive late and that you are ready to start at the allotted time:
    • Well turned out with a hairnet for girls, no earrings, no jewellery, no “sleepers”. Members contemplating pierced ears or any other part of their body will not be allowed to participate in mounted activities until the “sleepers” can be safely removed.
    • Tacked up with supple, clean and well maintained tack
  • Pick up your droppings
  • Do not bring dogs to any rallies

Health & Safety

Organiser, parents & members must take all reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone at all events at all times.


For more information – click here

Hat Rule

For more information about the 2018 Hat Rule – click here

IMPORTANT – Hat Checks and Tagging:

Contact either of two Branch Officials: Mrs Pamela Ormond 01793 740265 and Mrs Penny Hall 01666 577900

All hats need to display the Pony Club tag at all times.

Body Protector Rule

For more information about the 2018 Body Protector Rule – click here