Monday May 17, 2021
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What to wear

A riding hat which complies with the current BSI standard, with no fixed peak.

Riding hats with fixed peaks comply with the current safety rule (up to 80cm cross country jumping) but we strongly recommend a jockey skull cap with no fixed peak because:“…there is research evidence that a fall onto a fixed peak can result in an over extension of the neck backwards with the potential for serious injury”.Chin straps must fit securely.

Jodhpurs, preferably beige or cream but any colour is acceptable for rallies. Beige or cream is essential for competitions.

Riding boots. Ankle boots with the same colour half chaps or long boots. Black or brown preferred. For safety reasons please make sure boots can slip out of the stirrup iron easily. No wellington boots.

Gloves are essential, summer and winter. Gloves should be black, brown or navy.

White, pale blue or cream shirt with the Pony Club tie or WHPC polo shirt or sweatshirt or tweed hacking jacket. Long sleeves must be worn if the rally includes cross country jumping. WHPC skins can be worn under polos, shirts or sweatshirts.

The Pony Club badge must be worn with the appropriate coloured felt beneath to denote which Pony Club test you have.

A body protector which complies with the current Pony Club regulations must be worn when cross country jumping.


Where to buy WHPC clothing

WHPC polo shirts and WHPC sweatshirts can be bought directly from the branch and can be collected at rallies. WHPC Order Form

Pony Club badges and ties can be bought from Lisa Swainston-Baker:
If you have any queries about clothing please email Lisa.

WHPC green waterproof jackets, white skins, green hat silks with white pom poms and white numnahs are available on line from GG Gear.

Pony Club hair scrunchies and stocks are available from the national Pony Club website.