Sunday November 29, 2020
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Welcome to the Western Hunt Branch of the Pony Club

Following on from government lockdown guidelines for England the CEO of the Pony Club has advised that all pony club activities can resume from 3 December. Please see Online Bookings for rallies.

Organised outdoor sport will be allowed to resume across all levels.
Indoor and outdoor organised activities for Under 18s can continue across all levels
Indoors for adults (18 and over): Tier 1 indoor activity for organised adult sport must follow rule of 6; Tier 2 organised sport for adults can take place providing there is no mixing of households; Tier 3 Indoor organised sport only with people from the same household or bubble.
In all tiers, all equestrian facilities can open for lessons, hire and competitions subject to all necessary requirements being in place (some insurance companies require written approval from the local authority).
Under 18s no travel restrictions for sport, 18 and over advised not to travel out of tier 3 but not mandatory

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Great fun at the Halloween games and fancy dress at Rosevidney.  Many thanks to Senara for judging, Emma and Gloria for coaching, and to our members for such brilliant riding and entertainment.

Fancy Dress was extremely difficult to judge with excellent scary costumes. Well done everyone!

1 Barley and Jack, 2 Rosie and Mr Pickles,  3 Aleah and Rose 

Joint 4 – Sam and Bentley, Jacob and Cherry, Louisa and Lucky

Tough exciting competition for team games

1 Sam, Jacob and Louisa

2 Rosie, Barley and Aleah

School Teams Show Jumping at Pendarves Sunday 18 October SCHOOL TEAMS 18.10.20 – RESULTS

Well done to all competitors who went to the Bicton Mini Show Jumping Championships.  Despite the horrendous weather all jumped really well, lots of clears with very determined riding.   Congratulations to Barley, Louisa, Thomas and Amelia for 1st team place in 40cm and to Barley for 1st place 40cm individual. Full results are on Area 16 website 

Congratulations to Sam riding Trevadlock Flower Girl, for 6th place in the 80cm at the Trebadunnon jump cross.  A huge class with some excellent times, very well ridden.

The Western Great Loo Roll Challenge is now on the Western FB page, please share!  

Good Fun and many thanks to Tean for putting the video together!

Lots to do !! MarchApril 2020

Area 16 Easter Bonnet Competition – Well done Tiffany



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Wonderful Christmas Party at Rosevidney! Great fancy dress, fun games.  Everyone had a lovely time.  Thanks to Pip and Alex for organising the games.  Results



Congratulations to Jenna, Thomas, Rosie, Daisy and Polly for passing D and D+ today.  Many thanks to Jenny Fraser for examining and to Senara Caddy for instruction.  Next stop C !

Well done to all Western competitors at the Cury Teams on Sunday – Ellie, Grace, Jenna, Amelia, Flora, Neve, Kathryn and Emily. Excellent all round performances with Western team of Emily, Kathryn, Neve and Flora coming 2nd overall. Really close times!

Dengie Debut Qualifiers  80cm – Olivia, Jenna and Kathryn

Dengie Winter Series Qualifiers 90cm  – Flora, Neve and Amelia

Thank you Cury for organising such a successful day for all riders.

Membership/Renewal, now due,   forms 2020/2021 please send to Alex  


Having a great time at camp, here’s Thomas learning how to plait!



Tom, Ellie and Flora qualified for the Intermediate Show Jumping Championships at the recent Area Qualifier.  Well Done and Good Luck  at Cheshire











Held in the sunshine on Friday 5 July 2019 at Chyverton Park, by kind permission of Nick and Mandy Holman.

Many thanks to our lovely judges: Jackie Luker (show jumping), assisted by Mr Luker and Jess Luker; Christina Carson and Sue Ferris (Tack and Turnout); Emma Haase (Gymkhana); Tracey Harvey (Rosettes). Many thanks to all those who helped make this such an enjoyable day for the children: the Western Pony Club committee, Pony Club members and CSIA students (Catering and Arena Party).


What a fantastic weekend for the Western Wonders Triathlon and Tetrathlon team of Hannah, Tiffany, Thomas and Jenna.
A very successful competition with PBs all round.
Tiffany for a brilliant 900 shot in her first Junior girls, shooting single handed.
Hannah for coming 14th in the very large Junior girls class, especially following a week of illness.
Thomas and Peter Pan competing in his first 80cm, a clear xc jumping round to come 4th in the Minimus Boys.
Jenna and Secret competing in her very first Tetrathlon and first xc on a new pony to come 2nd in Minimus Girls.

Well done to you all!








What a day for Jenna Semmens competing in her first Triathlon at the FBPC.  Jenna came 2nd overall in the Mixed Novice Minis with a very impressive shoot, run and swim. Well done!

Congratulations to Natasha for passing her C+ riding and care. Neve, Flora and Amelia also passed C+ care but riding had to be postponed  due to the weather conditions.  

Congratulations Neve, Amelia and Flora for passing C+ Riding !!!

Success also for Daisy, Polly, Jenna, Tiana and Rosie who passed the Mini Road Rider Achievement Badge. Well done!

Well done all Western members who competed in awful weather at the FBHPC ODE at Chyverton.  You all did a great job and congratulations to Neve who won the PC 80cm and also got Best Dressage !  


What Stars you all are!

Cury Inter Branch Team Show Jumping Competition Sunday 25 November

The team with William (Rebel), Neve  (Rocket), Natasha 
(Pickle) and Tyona  (on her team debut with Cagney) came 1st with a
team total of 0 penalties;
The team with Flora  (Raider), Natasha  (Gypsy), Tegan 
(team debut on Roo) and Grace  (on new pony Fern) came 6th witha team total of 4.
Our third team: Amelia  (Bailey); Neve  (Alfie); Emma (Drum) and Thomas (Peter Pan) also finished on 4 with
a slightly slower time.
Well done everyone!


Rally Updates

Triathlon/Tetrathlon training starts again on Tuesday 6 November.

Camp 2018 – what a fabulous camp, great fun, great instructors, lots of achievement and progress, lovely weather and great food! Thank you to all our campers and helpers  for making it such a good event.  Photos


Camp 2018

New information on GDPR

Details on What’s On

Well done to Flora, Amelia, Grace, Neve, Emma, Natasha, Tamsin for passing your C Test today!

Waiting to hear?

Waiting to hear?


Thank you to Sarita Perkins for examining, Sue Andersen for instruction and Sarah Tieken for hosting and organising the training!










Fantastic 2 days at the Inter Branch Bicton Tet with PBs and brilliant riding.  Congratulations go to Novice Girls with Tamsin 3rd, Flora 4th, Amelia 7th.  Following a difficult start with a faulty gun, Neve went on to score an 800 shoot, and clear ride XC.  All a credit to the Western!

Wild Westerns, Hannah, Thomas and Tiffany had a very successful start to the 2018 Triathlon season with the Eggesford at Okehampton.

Hannah, Junior Girls  and Thomas, Minimus Boys came 6th in their classes,  and Tiffanny shot a fantastic 820 with PBs in swim and run.

At the Cury Tri,  Thomas went on to win the Mini Boys – well done!

What a lovely day at the Four Burrow Triathlon , the sun finally came  out and Carn Brea was a great venue.  All the Western competitors kept their focus,  pushed themselves hard,  and were supportive of each other.   Thomas was 4th in Mini Boys with best shoot.  Lots of  new PBs, Tiffany , Grace, Tamsin, Hannah and Flora all posting impressive  individual scores!!

Dates for 2018/19  

Picnic ride from Georgia – come along this year on Wednesday  29 August 5pm at Middle Georgia. FREE but please bring some food to share.  Parents welcome to ride as well, let Sarah know if you want to come.

Picnic ride Georgia





Picnic Ride 3


Heading Home




Picnic Ride Georgia 2


Great time had by all at Camp 2017!

Camp 2017


Despite the appalling weather and muddy conditions the two teams did brilliantly. It was a long and difficult day, the first time at an area qualifier for most of the riders, who all stayed cheerful and focused. A day of incredible achievement and special mention has to go to William Tuckett and Red for such a brilliant all round performance on the Novice 90cm course.

William & Red











Well done Tom, Flora, Ellie, William, Amelia, Tamsin, Charis and Natasha.
Thank you St Leonards for hosting and keeping the event running.

Western FriendshipWestern Team Friendship!

ODE Sunday 2nd July Chyverton Park Completed Score programme for Western ODE 2017

Kindly sponsored by Tara Physick and Horse & Jockey Bakery

Class 1 Open 100 winner Emma Turner and What a Prospect

Well done Charlotte, Tilly, Poppy, Matthew and Tom on passing your C+ test!

Thank you Sue Andersen for instructing and encouraging.



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