Saturday December 5, 2020
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About Whaddon Chase

The Pony Club Members Promise:

As a member of the Pony Club, I stand for the best in sportsmanship as well as in horsemanship.  I shall compete for the enjoyment of the game well played and take winning or losing in my stride, remembering that without good manners and good temper, sport loses its cause for being.  I shall endeavour to treat my horse with consideration.


The Whaddon Chase Branch was formed in December 1931 by Lady Eva Rosebery and currently has over 100 members. We are an inclusive branch and endeavour to provide all members with the training and support to be successful at their chosen level in their chosen disciplines.  We also believe that all our members should have fun.  We run our own competitions in Dressage, Endurance, Hunter Trials, Show Jumping and Tetrathlon.  We are part of Area 12 who also have their own website and organise the area competitions.

One of the highlights of our year is Camp and we now hold Senior, Junior and Mini Camps during the Summer holidays

During the year, we run an extensive Rally Programme at various venues across our area and offer all members from ages 3 to 25 the chance to meet up and receive instruction from our pool of over 20 instructors.  The Rally Programmes also includes fun events such as Picnic Rides and an Easter Egg Hunt.  In addition, we have a dedicated Team Training for those who are working towards specific Pony Club competitions.

Press Release for a book dedicated to Whaddon Chase Branch as the author used to be a member back in the 1960s and hunted with the Whaddon.

Press Release for Suzan St Maur       plus a photo of the author

Suzan St Maur with Karen Gallavan's "Merrylegs" taken by Aaron Wood

Suzan St Maur with Karen Gallavan’s “Merrylegs” taken by Aaron Wood