Wednesday October 27, 2021
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Dates for the 2022 Camp at Bury Farm are 8th – 12th August.

Pony Club camp – The absolute best week of the year!!!  

WCPC Camp 2021 Applications are now closed but please check back for applications for 2022.

Camp is open to all WCPC members who have attended a minimum of three rallies with their camp pony prior to camp.  All ages and all abilities catered for.  Payment can be in full or by 5 monthly instalments, cheques payable to Whaddon Chase PC or BACS (NatWest, sort code 60 04 09, account 85543039).

Mini and junior children go home each tea time, ponies can stay or go home, seniors sleep at camp. 

The price includes all catering, instruction and accommodation for horses and ponies. 

There are albums of pictures from previous camps on our Facebook Page

Any questions – please don’t hesitate to contact any of the committee.


General Camp information

Pony Fitness – To be fit enough for camp, here is a suggested fitness plan. field to fit

Arrival at camp – You will be asked to trot-up your pony so we can check for soundness and your pony’s passport will be checked to ensure it’s vaccinations are up-to-date.  Your pony will not be allowed at camp if it’s vaccinations are not up-to-date.

Party night – TBC – Thursday evening, from 6:30pm.  NOT TO BE MISSED !   

Camp Kit List – All items must be named.

RIDING CLOTHES: Jacket, Jodhpurs (beige, blue, brown or black), Riding boots / chaps;
White shirt with sleeves or Whaddon Chase sweatshirt, polo shirt or eventing shirts.  You are not permitted to ride in a hoody.
Gloves (2 pairs); Hair nets; Body protector BETA 2009 Level 3 standard (purple label; Tagged riding hat with black or navy silk; WATERPROOF CLOTHING.

Plus, for your tests (Thursday) and last day show you will need – Hacking Jacket; White, beige or cream jodhpurs; white shirt with sleeves; Pony Club tie and badge.

Other equipment – Stick and/or schooling whip,  Manual of Horsemanship (can share), Pen and paper, Folding chair, Water bottle, SUN BLOCK & SUN HAT, Wellington boots/muckers.

All tack for riding and at least 2 numnahs, Neck Strap, Grass Reins, Horse boots, especially if needed for Arena XC.  Head collar & rope, Rugs (must have a sweat rug).

2 Hay nets, 4 Buckets (2 for water, 1 feed, 1 tack cleaning), Tack cleaning kit, Small saddle horse or similar, over the door or hanging bridle hook (can share hook with neighbour), Grooming kit, Sponge, Sweat scraper, Fly spray, Plaiting bands.

Feed for your pony – can be measured out for each meal and stored in individual freezer bags.  Please make sure they are labelled with rider’s name.  Electrolytes. Any medication your pony needs.

Hay and 1 bale of shavings per pony will be provided.  If you require more shavings, please bring them with you.

Wheel barrow/muck skip, shavings fork, broom.

For Seniors

Somewhere to sleep (tent, lorry, caravan). At least 2 campers per accommodation, so please find someone to share with and let the committee know your arrangements.  You can park a trailer near your tent for storage space if necessary.
Some people like camp beds which are raised off the ground or airbeds. Sleeping bag & duvet (nights can be chilly), pillow, nightwear.
Comfortable shoes/trainers, casual evening wear, mucking out clothes, toiletries, bath towel.  Disco/karaoke outfit.  Torch.  Bin bag for wet and used clothing.

All equipment and clothing must be clearly marked with the owner’s name.  You would be amazed how much lost property is generated at camp!