Saturday February 27, 2021
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On-line booking for Rallies & Events

 Your Pony Club Membership number remains the same for all your Pony Club life. 

It will be on any of your old membership cards.   or email and ask for it , then save it!

Always use it, or the Rally will not be added to your Pony Club Rally History. 

This is used when checking you comply with the 3 rally rule for Area competitons

Ride and Rally classification

We split our rallies up into 5 age groups, there is always some cross over, but a rough guide

WHITE – under 10’s on and off lead rein

GREEN – 11-13 yrs & under

PINK – 14-16yrs 

RED – 16 yrs & over

BLUE- 18 yrs Plus

If you need to check which ride your child is in, there is always a current list on the rallies or rides page of the website  

When booking rallys, Only book into a Rally for your child’s ride.  If you would like to be considered for a rally for a more senior ride, you must be invited by  (or have permission from) the DC to attend. 


Unpaid Rally Fees

31st December 2021


Please use this to pay for any rally, which you have either been on a waiting list for, and have been told you know have a place or have not paid for before the day, but you have attended and forgot to pay on the day.


No, No, No, No,No (Get Directions)

Fran Lockyer (Co-Ordinator)

Tel: 01725 517735



Entry Costs

You can pay for this Event online.

Rally Cost 5 £5.00 pp
Rally Cost 10 £10.00 pp
Rally Cost 15 £15.00 pp
Rally Cost 20 £20.00 pp
Rally Cost 25 £25.00 pp
Rally Cost 30 £30.00 pp


Places on this Event aren't limited.