Wednesday September 18, 2019
About Us

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We are a relatively small branch averaging about 40 members. Despite our relatively small numbers we are quite an active branch, holding many rallies and training sessions throughout the year. We like to participate in various team competitions held by other branches.

Although a small branch we are very active in the three main disciplines – dressage, show jumping and cross country, holding many rallies and clinics throughout the year.

We encourage our members who wish to do the Pony Club Efficiency Tests and regularly hold training sessions during the year and at our Annual Camp. We are proud that several of our past members have gone on to be International Riders, Vets and BHS Coaches.

As a branch we participate in team competitions both locally, at area level, and indeed at National level, over the years we have had great success. However, our main mission is for young people to enjoy their horses and riding as well as to learn more about caring for them.

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We are a busy club, running many events, rallies etc, but we can only do this if we get lots of help and support from our parents. Most of our children get a lot out of their membership – we certainly try to do everything to ensure that they do, but we do expect parents to volunteer to help with the various events that we run. There are lots of roles needed at any event that we run – stewards, score collectors, fence judges, writers, tack checkers etc. Please, when you see a request for help come round, don’t assume that someone else will do it, or worry that you won’t know what to do – there is always someone on hand who can help, you don’t need to know about horses to help out – so PLEASE VOLUNTEER – WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Training Sessions are more specialised than Rallies and tend to be aimed at a particular discipline i.e. Dressage or Showjumping. We do try to arrange training sessions for members of all levels and ages, so please ensure that members are booked into the appropriate level session for their ability. If you are not sure please contact the person responsible for organising the training – there is nothing more demoralising for a child who is comfortable and confident jumping 2’3″cross country jumps to turn up at a session where the smallest jump is 2’9″!! Most Training sessions are open to all members, however we do sometimes run special sessions for members or potential members of Area Teams.



WPC_Camps_WEBEach summer we hold camp in late July, residential for our older members and non-residential for the younger ones. We are normally able to accommodate every child who wishes to attend, but obviously numbers have to be limited, so we recommend that you book your place as early possible after you receive your booking form. 


We are looking to increase out teams for all the disciplines, please let us know if you are interested. We would like to encourage as many members as possible to take part in our teams, and the main emphasis, especially for younger members is to have fun!! Anyone can take part – we just need to ensure (for safety’s sake) that child and pony would be capable and confident enough to take part in the chosen discipline/level. Towards the end of each summer every PC Area holds competitions where the winning teams then go forward to compete and represent their area in National Championship Competitions.


WPC_supporters_committee_WEBWe have an active Supporters Committee who are responsible for organising many of our events throughout the year. The Committee are always keen to have new members and it is a great way to find out a bit more about how the Pony Club works and to get involved. If you are interested in joining, or finding out what is involved, please contact us.


WPC_RALLIES_WEBWe hold regular Rallies for all levels throughout the year. Rallies are held every school holiday and in term time as well. We try to offer a interesting and varied programme with many opportunities to develop your skills and have fun. Anyone who wishes to compete for the branch in Area Teams must ensure that they and their pony attend at least 3 Rallies during the year. You need to have attended 2 rallies to go to Pony Club Camp.